Private Mentoring

Mediumship is a vocation that needs time to unfold and develop to its fullest potential. I offer private mentoring sessions online are open for all levels of spiritual development. I will work with you individually and help you move forward in your development. You may wish to focus on a specific area or look at different areas of your development.

Sitting in the Power – Develop inner peace and wellbeing thru meditation and soul connection.
Energy Work – Understanding & maintaining your power
Soul Work – The essence of who you are and the soul’s journey
Blending – Understanding the spirit connection
Psychic Work – Explore your intuitive abilities
Mediumship – Enhance your connection with the spirit world

If you’re interested in working with me to develop your mediumship,  please contact me and we can discuss your individual needs and recommended sessions. I recommend doing a session of 4 mentoring sessions to get more out of the experience, but you’re of course welcome to contact me for any number of sessions.  Investment $90 per session (approx 60-90mins)




Opening the Heart Chakra