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Certified Medium Wilmington NC ♥ Holy Fire Reiki Master ♥ Certified Soul Coach ♥ Teacher & Mentor

Certified International Psychic Medium

Hi. I’m Felicia Grant an Intuitive (Psychic) medium. Offering Private Sessions, group readings, mediumship development thru teaching and mentoring. I also am the creator of Dragonfly Experience Retreats for women.

I have a real compassion for helping my clients; whether that be helping them gain clarity in your life or connect with a passed loved one through a psychic or mediumship reading in via zoom.  A reading can leave you with a sense of peace and healing.

Although I am a Certified Medium I like to think I am a HUMAN THAT HAS THE ABILITY TO BE A MEDIUM. 


Psychic medium Wilmington NC

                One to One Readings

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Transformative Women’s Retreats since 2010

Upcoming Dragonfly Experience Retreats

Elohee Retreat Center – Sautee GA

October 2023/April 2024

Services Felicia Grant Offers

Psychic + Mediumship

Gain clarity in your life or connect with a passed loved one through a psychic or mediumship reading. via video conferencing (Zoom).   A reading can provide tremendous healing and strength in knowing our loved ones never die! 

Things to consider!           

Intuitive Soul Attunement

This reading Felicia combines Soul Coaching® with her Psychic Medium and Energy Healing.

During this reading Felicia connects with her guides as well as your guides, guardians higher beings to obtain deeper information that will assist you with possible blocks,

Energy Healing

A combonation of Trance Mediumship and  Holy Fire® Reiki. This session can help to bring about balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. This deep healing, can facilitate, for the recipient, activation of the body and soul’s innate healing ability, it can also bring upliftment and awakening. Each session is unique based upon the client’s individual needs.




Natural Medium

Women's Retreats

Reconnect with you.

Led by experienced facilitator Felicia Grant, in beautiful destinations, our retreats are liberating, nurturing and empowering. Each retreat is a deep dive into discovering who you are and how to live life fully. You’ll enjoy the company you meet, integrate life-changing practices and greet each day feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. Felicia carefully creates a safe & supportive environment for a small group of like minded women.

Creating Transformation since 2008.


“Felicia is one of the most beautifully heart felt women I’ve ever met.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and without a doubt brings out the best in you just by being around her.  Her love for others is genuine and her ability to connect with people and helping them realize their true beauty is really a gift that must not be wasted! Anyone who is to work with Felicia will no doubt find themselves living at a higher vibration and feel on top of the world!  Thank you Felicia for all that you have done for me.  I KNOW that you are a natural born healer” 

Michele Elder, Registered Nurse, Portland, Oregon

Give a 30 or 50-minute mediumship reading gift certificate to a loved one

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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi

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