Many of us struggle to keep our words and thoughts positive within the chaos that life throws at us. Our minds are overloaded daily with work deadlines, family responsibilities, financial struggles, and societal injustices. I’m certainly not exempt from the chaos, but my perspective is a unique one in that I am a psychic medium. In my years of experience with this ability, I have found that positive affirmations can shift my perspective from negative thinking, and consequently from negative spirits. It is through the power of our spoken word that we can redirect our life path, for better or worse. By keeping myself in a positive flow state through meditation and spoken phrases, I open myself up to the other side. But you don’t have to be psychic to reap the benefits of being open.


Here are a few tips to help you transform the energy around you into a positive vibration, helping you create the life you desire.

1. Start your day and end your night on positive notes:
In the morning, you may want to say an affirmation such as, “Today is a gift filled with positive opportunities.” You can create your own affirmation that will make you feel good, which will raise your vibration to a higher level of consciousness. I find that mornings are the perfect time for me to recite a positive affirmation because my mind is clear from the night’s sleep. I do it again at night so my subconscious can focus on goals I have formed throughout the day that I want to attract into my life. In fact, my partner and I will regularly listen to recorded affirmations at night as we fall asleep. There are several good options you can download on your smart phone or tablet.

2. You have more control over your thoughts than you may realize:
If you begin to experience a negative thought or begin to speak ill of yourself or others, stop the negativity in its tracks by saying “cancel” (out loud or in your head), and immediately replace that thought space with a positive affirmation as simple as “love.” I have a friend who once struggled with a coworker. He would complain daily about all the irritating things the coworker did. I advised him to take notice of when he was getting frustrated with this person, to envision a white light around the coworker, and to say the word “love” to himself. In time, the toxic work relationship dissolved because he didn’t feed the negative energy.

3. Stop gossiping: 
We are all human and sometimes find ourselves pulled into a conversation that is pure gossip. Understand that gossip is negative talk. The way to end a conversation that is centered on gossip is to transform it by adding a positive statement. That will shift your energy away from the negative talk. People will soon learn that you do not tolerate gossip because you never feed into it.

4. Repetition of positive affirmations is crucial to bringing about the changes you desire:
Reciting affirmations verbally or mentally will help ingrain them into your subconscious, which will help change your thought process. Your beliefs will eventually become your reality. When I am working on a new goal or creation, I will repeat the same affirmation numerous times a day. It helps me to keep sight of my goal and attracts the positive results I seek.

5. Gratitude supercharges affirmations:
When you are in the energy of gratitude, you are elevated to a level of compassion, love, and hope which is the perfect formula for creating the life you want. The happier you are, the more positive energy you have to manifest!

Getting in the habit of positive self talk by using affirmations can be truly life changing. It only takes a few minutes a day, and you can work on any part of your life that you wish. Want to lose those extra 10 pounds? Create an affirmation such as, “I am healthy and happy.” Want more money? You might consider saying, “I am prosperous now.” Believing in the power of words will shift your awareness and help you learn more about your soul’s truth.

Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coach® trained by International Author Denise Linn found of Soul Coaching® International.   

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