8 Best Tips For Coming Out Of The Psychic Closet

By: Felicia Grant Intuitive Energy Healer



Coming out as a intuitive, medium, psychic, or energetic healer can be a vulnerable experience –

After all, you are sharing with the world a very integral part of what you know and feel.

For many, simply the thought of having to share your private experiences with the Spirit is admitting that it’s real. And although more and more people are opening up to their intuitive gifts everyday, belief in the Spiritual and the acceptance of those that work with it is still very controversial in many areas of society.

You are thinking of finally letting others see the real you, but want to know the best way to do it?

here are 8 tips on how to come out of the closet with ease –

1. wait until you are confident in your abilities

When you are first ‘coming out’ and testing the waters, any negative or doubting comment can cause you to go running back inside. People can sense your uncertainty, which triggers uncertainty within themselves.

Give yourself time to become more confident in what you know and believe, and then, come out of the closet when you really KNOW that your gift is real.

2. watch others who have come out before you.

As I was coming out of the closet, my sister, watched me carefully. Was I being harshly judged? Rejected for who I was? Laughed at or ridiculed? Would I be successful? Could I support myself? Would I be forced to live in exile, homeless, and outcasted from society? Would I be stoned to death?.

Observe those who come out of the closet before you, and see what happens.

Were they okay? Did it all work out alright? If you watch long enough – you’ll see that, YES, it did work out alright and that’ll give you the comfort you need to come out when it’s your time.

3. share yourself only with others who already appreciate and love you

Those who love you, care about you deeply on a soul level – whether or not you have shared with them any hints, or tidbits to the intuitive side of who you are – they already know.

Come out to only those who really know you, first.

For many of us, our best friends, mothers, partners, and closest confidants are part of our soul group – a collection of souls who meet us in all of our lifetimes, to assist us on our soul’s journey. Your best friend may already know about your abilities – from another lifetime. On a soul level.

When you share with them your abilities and come out of the closet – they may express fear, concern, or worry. But remember – this isn’t a rejection of you. This is an expression of their own fears, and perhaps you will act as their teacher in this lifetime.

4. understand that for others, accepting your ‘abilities’  would force them to reorganize their entire lives. and that’s hard.

In order to accept your gifts, and turn, accept you as a person, there are people that would have to reorder everything that they have ever learned and know, everything that they have ever experienced, the situation of their current lives, and the outcomes of their future.

This prospect is scary and daunting. Rather than restructure an entire belief system, it is MUCH easier to reject a single person. For many, the easy route is not only safer, but it is all their soul can handle right now.

If someone refuses to accept who you are, simply understand their soul is not ready for this kind of information. Insisting that others accept you, too, is a non-acceptance of their belief system. Have peace with the fact that you’ll simply never vibe with everyone – whether you’re a psychic or a carpenter.

5. explore different ways to define it

The way you describe something to someone, can have a profound impact on how they receive the information. Come up with a variety of more gentle and compassionate ways to say what you do to soften the blow.  Sometimes I say that I council those who are grieving, or that I’m a ‘translator’, occasionally I will say that I teach others how to open up their intuitive gifts, or that I connect individuals with their loved ones on the other side.

Generally, I’ve found that flat-out sharing with someone I’ve never met that I’m a medium gets widely varying reviews. Thus, I’ve learned that it’s easier to swallow if I DESCRIBE what I do, rather than use the label “medium.”

6. forget judgement

This isn’t the 1600s! You won’t be burned at the stake, killed, maimed, or even put in jail for your gifts. Sure, others might question the reality of your experiences, but whatever. These same people would’ve questioned you regardless of what path you took.

Whenever someone calls me crazy, or declares I’m fake, I just smile,  I’m a silently bless them and their path of growth, and walk away. There’s no need to argue. The very nature of your gift is a gift to others. The more you have confidence in this – the less non-compassionate judgement will matter to you.

7. get a journal for validations

Get a notebook. Make it fancy and personalized. Designate this journal for one thing and one thing only – to record all the times when you were right. Each time you felt something that was accurate, saw something that was perfectly on target – write it down. Carry it with you.

Coming out of the closet is partially, is being strong enough to brave the potential doubts and questionings of others. And sometimes, even the strongest people can be affected by what or who I around them. Absorbing other people’s doubt, is part of what is so scary about coming out – we don’t want to feel that. So, you can safeguard yourself from potential self esteem affecting emotional waves by doing this:

Whenever you feel doubt, go back through this book and raise your confidence back up – you are good at what you do, remind yourself of it. Doing so, will help you weather the storm.

8. have compassion with yourself

Some days you are going to feel amazing, and know in your heart that sharing your intuitive gift with the world is truly and honestly serving your greatest and highest good, and beneficial for those who you work with! Other days, you are going to feel down and a little sorry for yourself.

Remember the days before you came out of the closet? Yea, those days – the very same thing happened all the time.  You are an emotional being who rides a roller coaster of feelings, and when you first make a big decision – the hills will be higher and steeper, but eventually the drops will be less extreme and the highs will be less anxiety-ridden.

Your doubts will subside, and your confidence will grow.

Have compassion with your new venture into a new way of being.

You just took a huge leap of faith – and were vulnerable with the world! Congratulate yourself!

That’s a very courageous thing.

Coming out of ‘the closet’ is a delicate time for anyone.

Give yourself patience and time, and experiment with what helps you feel comfortable.

The most important thing is to feel proud of your abilities, and as you continue to develop them, your confidence and secureness of yourself will grow, too –

Felicia Grant - Intuitive Soul Coach®

Felicia Grant – Intuitive Soul Coach

Felicia Grant is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Advanced Soul Coach, and Psychic Medium trained and mentored by Renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams – LWISSD & International Author Denise Linn Founder of Soul Coaching® International