Always follow your heart ?

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We so often get caught up in day to day life, outside circumstances and influences that we forget to listen to our hearts desires.


Today I learned an important lesson and I want to share this with all of you..


I have been planning and facilitating retreats since 2008. Over the past 8 years I have watched as my business has grown, flourished and brought me so much joy! Hopefully, I have done the same for all of the women that have attended a Dragonfly Experience Retreat.


As usual I have been planning my retreats for 2018 and 2019 getting quotes from various locations etc.. But, I was having trouble making a decision for next September 2018 and April 2019 and feeling uncertain about the venues I was looking at……



After completing my most recent retreat in Dahlonega, the first weekend in September I came home feeling wonderful about the retreat experience (we had 17 amazing women) but I was still looking at other locations for the following year!


But, first I feel like I need to give you a little background……I’ve been doing retreats each year at Dahlonega Spa Resort since 2012 and several years I’ve done two there.  A few years ago, I did a retreat in Sedona and last year I went out of the country for the first time to Costa Rica.


But, I said I would “always” have a retreat in Dahlonega each year and select a different location for my second retreat…..but for some reason I felt like I needed to go somewhere different than Dahlonega next year and possibly the following year.  So, a few months ago I began the search but I just could NOT find the place that filled my heart with that feeling of excitement and joy!

I began to question myself and ask why? I’ve never felt this way before.. why now? Have I lost my passion? Why did I feel so uncommitted? Especially after having such a great retreat just two weeks ago!


Today, I finally realized why. When I got quiet and ask my guides “why” and listened to what they had to say it ALL made sense. I had forgotten to listen to my heart. You see I had said 100’s of times over and over again “I will always have a retreat in Dahlonega!” and somehow I had forgotten my hearts desires. Getting caught up in the next, newest, hottest, exciting retreat location… I had forgotten ALL the magical moments that had happened in Dahlonega. How Dahlonega seemed to bring amazing women together to help fix each other including ME!


Once I realized the obvious answer to the question and decided to go back to Dahlonega next September and the following year I felt that excitement and passion rise again in my heart and soul……..?


Just remember that when something doesn’t feel quite right or you feel like you’ve lost your passion maybe you’re just not listening!  – Love, Felicia


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August 31-September 3, 2018

Dahlonega Spa Resort


April 2019 – Dahlonega Spa Resort

September 2019 – Lucca, Italy (Tuscany)



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