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Awaken & Transform™ Women’s Retreat

April 22-25, 2024 SOLD OUT

Dragonfly Experience Signature Women’s Retreats

Are you looking to disconnect, spend time in nature, make soul connections with like-minded women in a whole new way. Do you need help setting healthy boundaries in your life!? 

Energetic healing, self-love and spiritual growth happens easier on a retreat. You can focus on what YOU need to in order to change your life forever.

Dragonfly Retreat offers activities designed to break through limiting blocks. Free yourself from what is holding you back in a safe space. Yoga, soundbaths, fire circles and so much more to connect you back to pure positive energy.

While being in a safe supported environment you will begin to  release limiting beliefs, and energy that is holding you back from finding your bliss! Dragonfly Retreats for women was birthed by Felicia Grant as a vehicle to bring like minded women  where “magic happens” without effort.

Here are few reasons to attend a Dragonfly Retreat:

1) Women’s Retreats produce long term benefits.

2) Women’s retreats are designed for introspection and reflection.

3) Retreats surround you with like-minded women; creating life long friends.

4) Retreats are planned and managed for you.

5) Retreats are more than a girls weekend or vacation.


didgeridoo + Meditation + Restoring Yoga + Sacred Circle + Local Seasonal Nutritious Meals + Group Nature Walks to ground, energize and reconnect to your core + Releasing old blocks & Traumas that are holding you back.


Dragonfly Retreats does all the work for you selecting the perfecting setting for you retreat experience. Blue Ridge Mountans or Red Rocks of Sedona….You Decide!

April 22-25, 2024 @ Elohee Retreat Center

Ready to claim your spot!   

Investment $1139.00 Priviate Twin (shared Bath)   $1487.00 King Private Bath

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Soften your heart and nourish your Soul….Here’s what alumni have to say!

“Thank you Felicia. You changed my life! I recognize what doesn’t serve my life purpose because of your beautiful gathering”

– Bobbi Lake 

“I found Felicia when I was looking for an empowering feminine spiritual retreat online. She has the ability to lead, motivate, and inspire you, and it allows you to grow spiritually and become a better version of yourself. Her guided meditations are nutritious food for the soul. Fire circle time is among one of my favorite things she does. Sound bath healing helps me reset. Being a gifted medium, she has profound wisdom and insight that helps you along your journey. Felicia’s reiki is truly healing. After four retreats with her in 15 months, I already have the next one booked. Looking forward to April 2023 at Elohee!”

VC Pitt – Author of My Twin Flame

“Attending Felicia’s retreats is a gift I give myself. They are an opportunity to slow down, turn inward, reconnect with myself, breathe, and heal. I’ve been on four Dragonfly retreats where I have met so many beautiful women of all ages and backgrounds, all seeking deeper connection and spirituality. Felicia creates a sacred space for growth and exploration – physical, spiritual, and emotional. Retreats are welcoming and balanced with planned group activities and plenty of time for reflection and rest. It’s a safe environment where other women will listen and support you, holding space for anything you want to share. I never fully know what my experience will be at a retreat or where it will lead me, but I have always found that if you come with an open heart, you will leave with exactly what you need.” – Emily F Altanta GA

“Please don’t let me forget to tell you about the wonderful women I met on the trip and the beautiful Soul Coach of our retreat, Felicia Grant. Felicia was warm, welcoming and let you know with certainty that you belonged at the retreat. She was human too, not just an intimidating figure that you only get to know from afar. She laughed with us, cried with us and adjusted the schedule to our needs as a group.” – Jenn Bueller Boca Raton, FL


Felicia is Professional, knowledgable and compassionate retreat leader.” – Vickie B Atlanta GA

““What a beautiful name you chose for this retreat. I feel so balanced. My world was spinning. Your meditative spirit and energy have fulfilled me. I look forward to many more retreats with you.  You’re a natural leader.”  – Joyce McCaffrey Venice FL

We are often being pulled in so many directions that we have little time to reflect and go inside to even see what our needs may be. This rejuvenating women’s retreat offers the tools needed to learn how to tap into your knowing, even in the midst of life’s chaos, and be nurtured in a beautiful setting in nature!



{3-4PM}  Arrivals & Check-In + followed by Meet & Greet Orientation

{Evening} Dinner +  Opening Circle to begin your journey.


{Morning}  Breakfast + Meditation  + Nature Trails & Forest Bathing 
{Afternoon} Lunch + Restorative yoga + Create a Vision Board + Free Time
{Evening} Dinner + Sacred Circle + Sound Healing Immersion Bath with Alex Ballew Sacred River Sounds


Morning}  Breakfast + Meditation  + Nature Trails & Waterfall Ritual
{Afternoon} Lunch + Restorative yoga + Vision Boards part 2 + Free Time
{Evening} Dinner + Fire Ceremony + Powerful Release + Intention Setting 


{Morning} Breakfast  + Meditation + Our Amazing Closing Sacred Circle
{Afternoon} Lunch + Bon Voyage (1-2pm departure).

*Schedule is subject to change slightly!

Get away from it all and let yourself go while you are surrounded by the tranquility and spectacular scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I will partner with you to: 

    • Release old blockages that no longer serve you in a safe supported environment.
    • Manifest more abundance and create more joy in your life.
    • Reconnect with the essence of who you really are by learning to set boundaries in your life.
    • Find Gratitude for today and plant seeds for tomorrow.

    Are you ready to claim your spot

    in the sacred circle? 

    Sacred Circle

    What is a “Sacred Circle”? It’s a place where you can be you.

    Everyday on each of our Dragonfly Experience Retreats we gather and talk about different aspects of wellness; emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental….

    It’s a safe space to share life’s struggles and successes; where all we do is LISTEN. No one gives advice, no one responds to your problems, no one gives any judgment. It’s a safe space where you can be your most vulnerable self. Where you can share your hardships, your heart, and know that you are never alone! Although some find this a challenging process, it can also be the most rewarding and powerful part of the retreat.

    A Sacred Circle is a place where you can hit the reset button on life!!

    Informal interview with Felicia from Natural Awakenings Atlanta


    Finding Peace within at a Women’s Retreat begins with this idea that spirituality is not just about religion.

    It is about the connection you feel to the world as a whole.

    Human beings were not meant to feel alone.

    We are social animals that have, throughout our history, felt ourselves as a part of nature – one that has its own spirit, and is not simply a vessel of nerves and muscles.

    It’s not uncommon to find yourself drifting away from that feeling of soul and spirit.

    Women’s healing retreats are designed to bring you back.

    Each retreat is its own unique experience designed to rejuvenate the soul and restore your sense of inner peace and connecting to your soul.


    Retreat Leader: Felicia Grant

    Felicia has been leading transformational women’s retreats since 2008 after leaving her 20+ year career at Merrill Lynch to pursue a dream. As a highly sensitive child Felicia quickly learned that knowing and feeling others emotions came naturally to her almost like breathing! Learning through Soul Coaching® and becoming a Certified Spiritual Advisor® these abilities were actually a gift to help others that needed to be shared!  Felicia created Dragonfly Experience Retreats to offer heart centered retreats and workshops to help empower women to embrace their gifts and talents. These retreats have allowed Felicia first hand to witness women waking up to their innate strength, grace and wisdom. Felicia is a modern day “Spiritual Midwife” assisting women to give birth to a new life thru transformational retreats.