I was fortunate enough to be interviewed this past week by Donna Valdner owner of Nationwide Burial at Sea. If you’re looking for Unique Ways for ash scattering this is a great resource for you! Donna is the owner and creator of Nationwide Burial at Sea; a travel agent concierge service that will help you with all the arrangements while lending a compassionate ear during the whole process.

In my work as a Certified Psychic Medium interacting with clients channeling (talking) their deceased loved ones I now see how stressful losing someone you love can be. Grief counseling goes hand in hand with being a medium. The death of a loved one is one of the top stressful events in someone’s life! Being gripped by grief and having to make decisions is very difficult especially when you’re left to do this in most cases alone!! I hear all the time during readings departed loved ones saying “I’m sorry I left so many loose ends” or I’m sorry things were not spelled out or in order at the time of my passing.

Burial at Sea

I’m certain that Burial at Sea (ash scattering) is not for everyone but Ancient Burials at Sea Date back to 1893 “Ancient Sea Burials
Burial at sea is thought to have taken place throughout history, with instances dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, alongside the traditional funerary rites of these civilizations . The practice can indeed be found all around the world; in the South Pacific bodies would be placed in a red cloth and launched out to sea in a canoe. In much of Asia, scattering ashes at sea is still the norm, and for Hindus in India today it is customary to scatter or place ashes in the holy River Ganges.”
Nationwide does offer Hindu Burial Services.


Donna approached me with 16 Questions you might Ask a Medium for my insight. I found the questions to be really interesting from the perspective of someone wanting to understand the medium-spirit connection. Here are the first few questions:

1. How does the Medium know who they are talking to?

FG: This is a GREAT question! When the spirit connection happens I get first a sense of man or woman, I will then get an impression/sense or hear “Mother” “Father” “Grandmother etc…The spirit will then give me more information such as his occupation, his name or something that the sitter will understand. Example: “I have a man here that feels like a father to me and I want to put him in a white uniform on a ship”….Yes, my father was in the navy!

2. Does a medium hear and see spirit?

FG: Mediums have 4 senses. Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentient, Claircognizance (hear, see, feel, know). There is a mind to mind communication that takes place between spirit and medium. We hear words, see pictures and get a feeling or knowing from spirit. All these senses work together. My teacher has said are we actually seeing what spirit is projecting or are they placing the thought in your head….Like Red Apple?

3. Do your loved ones remember all the people that were in their life?

FG: Yes, they have a memory of those in their life, but also know about new babies after their departure!

4. If you talk out loud to them, do they hear you?

FG: Yes, spirit can hear you and also know what you are thinking about as well.

More about Donna from her website: “Donna’s role as office support turned into answering calls and assisting customers in locating a vessel for burial at sea.  What she brought to those initial phone calls was not only recommending vessels, but lending a compassionate ear.  She, too, had suffered a very personal loss, as we all have at some time or other.  Donna’s experience with the funeral providers that assisted her left her feeling just like another job; they had little empathy nor showed the slightest bit of sympathy. ”

For the rest of the blog and to check out Donna’s Website click here!

I hope you will enjoy reading 16 Questions Answered by Psychic Medium Felicia Grant – AMA written by Donna and check out her website to learn more about Nationwide Burial at Sea ash scattering.

Ash Scattering

Felicia Grant is a Certified Psychic Medium and Holy Fire® Reiki Master in Wilmington, North Carolina.