Are you able to dedicate the time and make a commitment to guiding your attitude toward loving yourself more today than you did yesterday?

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow this thought came to me…..What is we dedicated this Valentine’s Day to loving ourselves just a little more…..then dedicate the next 30 days and possibly the whole year to loving YOU?

Can you do it?

Are you able to dedicate the time and make a commitment to guiding your attitude toward loving yourself more today than you did yesterday?

Easier said, then done, right?

It may require breaking the old records one might replay in their head where the grooves were formed in childhood. Releasing old blocks that hold you back from living your best life!

It may require removing the bandages one placed over their still open wounds to treat the injury that has never healed. This doesn’t mean you need to relive the old pain and trauma just allow it to be acknowledged and released.

Breaking old records and healing old wounds means embracing vulnerability; and embracing vulnerability can be very hard…sometimes it is easier to cling to old messages and familiar wounds because they are what a person knows…

To choose healing…to choose to love oneself more may very well mean to venture into the unknown…to become vulnerable to allow those feelings to surface and leave.

In US culture, embracing vulnerability is no easy task as many choose to numb their past and numb their present with debt (buying what isn’t needed), weight (eating when not hungry), medication (taking both legal/illegal substances to altar one’s consciousness)…old records playing and old wounds festering are what a person knows and seeks to numb against.  But…

What If You Simply Devoted This Year To Loving Yourself More?

It may require embracing courage, compassion, and connection…

Courage to be imperfect and be at peace with imperfection without apology

Compassion to be kind to self first; and then to others

Connection to another as a result of choosing authenticity

Authentic connection begins to break through the numbness a person may have enveloped within to cope; and authentic connection to self and others is to choose to begin taking the path to transformation.

Unapologetic compassion with self is to acknowledge that with every step up the climb one may slide back a few paces on occasion; and that is okay.  It takes time to wear a new groove in a new record to be played in our heads.

Tenacious courage is the refusal to quit whenever it feels too hard to make the changes that will bring a person to greater joy and peace.

May you devote this date, month and year to loving yourself more so that the world will be a better place because you are helping to make it so through your courage, compassion, and connection.

When you’re ready to open yourself to more healing it’s OK to seek professional help or assistance in working thru these issues or blocks. I always recommend to clients the following options depending on the severity of your trauma or old wounds.

Mental Health Professionals

Shamanic Healing or Soul Retrievals

Holy Fire Reiki® or Trance Healing

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Credit to this article comes from Transitions Delaware Mental Health Counseling.