What we feed our mind affects our body!

If you’ve ever given birth or watched the birth process, you know that the only way out is through. But when a laboring woman is nearly fully dilated and ready to push, she goes through something called “transition.” It’s during this time that many women lose faith in their ability to get through the process. 

Transition is what all of humanity is experiencing right now. Shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario calls it “the Turning of the Ages.” I’ve also heard this time called “the Great Awakening.” Both of these phrases resonate with me because it truly feels that the old, unsustainable systems—including health care and banking—are crumbling around us. We are in the thick of it, and some of you may be losing faith in the process. But this is what’s necessary in order for a New Earth (as Eckhart Tolle calls it) to be born.

Support is what helps a laboring mother get through the life-changing stage of transition. It is very well documented that, for the birth process to be optimal, a woman needs to be surrounded by those who believe in her ability to give birth. Similarly, at this time in our planetary history, we need to focus on how we can support each other—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to do this, we must reject the “doomsday,” “end of the world” messages that are all around us.

There is an old Cherokee story in which a grandfather tells his grandson, “There are two wolves inside each of us waging battle. One is evil, full of sorrow and doubt and anger and fear. The other is full of peace and joy, inspiration, happiness, and hope.” The boy asks his grandfather which wolf will win. And his grandfather replies, “The one we feed.”

One way to feed the peaceful wolf is to reduce your consumption of mainstream media (including watching movies such as “Contagion”), because these messages feed the fear that can keep you paralyzed. Instead, tune into content that is more uplifting and immune-enhancing. Remember, no virus stands a chance when your immune system is in good shape. 

Here is one way I recommend:

“Make a Daily Spiritual Schedule to Commit to Feeling Good”

Check out Hay House Author and Coach Gabby Bernstein’s daily practices; they have helped me get thru these stressful times!

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Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with a private practice in Wilmington, NC