Research shows that past traumas — including traumas from past lives — such as sexual abuse, growing up with divorced parents, or living with an alcoholic can be an underlying cause of chronic illness.  Further, research shows that healing past traumas can help you heal from illness. But, what if your past traumas happened many lifetimes ago? Yes, I am talking about reincarnation!

When I was a teenager, I read everything I could find on Edgar Cayce, who today we would call a medical intuitive.  He was able to put himself into a trance and diagnose a person’s medical condition knowing only their name and address.  His information came from several thousand “life readings” – or information on people’s past lives!

Today, many people still question whether reincarnation is real. But, with so many remarkable examples of people remembering past lives, it is becoming hard to argue against reincarnation. For example, I have a friend whose oldest daughter died in a fire at about the age of eight. After several years, my friend had another baby girl. When this child could talk, she said to her mother, “I was Kayla and I died in a fire. Now I’m back.” Mothers who have had abortions have heard similar things from their children. “When I came to you before, it wasn’t time. But now it is.”

Columbia and Yale-trained psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, M.D. told one of the most remarkable stories of reincarnation in his book Many Lives, Many Masters where he documented his patient, Catherine’s (not her real name) experience remembering her past lives.  While under hypnosis, Catherine relived traumas and events from her past lives, and also channeled messages from “the Masters” while in a resting state between lives.  A skeptic at first, Dr. Weiss could not deny what he was witnessing.

The truth is, you were not born a blank slate. We all carry memories from our past lives into this life that are stored in our unconscious.  These memories carry an energetic charge that continues to affect us.  Once you accept that this is not your first rodeo, your life improves on all levels.  In fact, understanding your past lives can help you heal many of the issues you face in your current lifetime, including challenges associated with your social status, your family, the deaths of loved ones, and even your health.

How You Can Discover Your Past Lives

Discovering your past lives is a fascinating way to understand who you are as an immortal soul living in a human body. It enables you to heal the present through the past, and can bring you great inner peace. So how can you tap into your own past lives?

Some people have spontaneous flashbacks during the waking state. This may be triggered by an event, such as visiting a place where you have lived in a past life. When people visit a city for the first time and know their way around without a map, or visit a foreign country and find that they can speak the language fluently even though they never studied, it is often indicative of a past life in that place.

Past life memories may also appear in dreams, during meditation, or even when you are getting a massage.  This is because your brain is in an Alpha state – also called a hypnotic or relaxed state — allowing you to reach into your subconscious. As humans we actually enter a hypnotic trance approximately 10 times per day when our brain wave frequency drops to between 7 to 14 cycles per second. (Rapid Eye Movement, or REM starts at 10 cycles per second. This is when dreams occur.) The Theta state, between 4-7 cycles per second, is considered to be the psychic range.

One of the most powerful ways to reach a relaxed (or even psychic) state and tap into your past lives is with regression therapy.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is a form of hypnotherapy that is used for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly.  It has grown over the last 50 years to be an important addition to the healing arts.

When you undergo past life regression therapy, a skilled therapist will use relaxation techniques, such as hypnosis or guided visualization, to allow your higher self to bring out your past life experiences that are of the most benefit to you now.  Unlocking events from your past lives allows you to uncover patterns and events that may be effecting your life.  If you can’t find a therapist in your area, you can do this on your own using audio products, such as Regression Through the Mirrors of Time by Brian Weiss, M.D.

How Past Life Regression Therapy Works

Past life regression is the process of healing the soul by healing the past. Regression therapy is not to be confused with a past life reading, which is a passive process.

Here is what you might experience while undergoing past life regression therapy:

  1. You will be in a light trance or relaxed state. It is best to work with a trusted practitioner to guide you or to use an audio recording by a trusted source, such as Brian Weiss, M.D.
  2. The experience may feel like a very vivid movie. And, since you are the central character in your story, you may be able to see, sense and feel things just as as if you were there.
  3. You will have all of your senses. Unlike in your dreams, you are able to hear noises such as explosions, music, or people calling you by your name. You may smell smoke, food and whatever else is in your environment. You may feel pain if you are injured or sick in that lifetime. And, you may feel the emotions you felt at the time the events in your past occurred – you may cry, laugh, or feel frightened.
  4. You may see an entire lifetime or many lifetimes during your regression. Or, you may see only flashes and images.
  5. You may experience your death. You may also experience the deaths of people close to you. The re-enactment of your death moment is where the real healing happens.

The emotions and sensations you feel during a past life regression therapy session are real. The charges from these events set up the patterns that are occurring in your present life. Those patterns can affect your relationships, behaviors, motivations, your physical body and your health. Positive patterns can feed talents, bestow wisdom, influence tastes, and energize your life’s purpose.  Negative patterns can lead to destructive behavior, poor judgment, and block your path. By making your past life memories conscious, you can release the patterns that no longer serve you and reinforce the positive ones.

7 Benefits of Past Life Regression

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past.  But for most, it’s a path toward healing patterns or illnesses in this lifetime.  Here are some of the ways past life regression therapy can help you:

  1. Understand personal relationships that may be difficult. The people you are closest to in this life are those you have been with before.  Family members are often our biggest challenges.  While learning of past life traumas involving family members and others does not mean you won’t experience pain and heartbreak in this lifetime, it can bring meaning and comfort to whatever you are going through.  It may also improve your relationships.
  2. Uncover talents and abilities from the past. Perhaps you were a concert pianist in a past life and in this lifetime you have a natural ability to play the piano, but have never learned to read music.  Taking piano lessons may allow you tap into this “hidden talent” and offer some pleasure as a hobby or even a new career in this lifetime.
  3. Let go of fear and anxiety. Fear is a low vibration that keeps us from experiencing heaven on earth. Many time fears can seem unfounded, and this can be due to a past life trauma. If the fear is buried in the past, then it is the most quickly healed by going back to the past. Often confronting the fear or phobia is enough just to send it away and free your soul so that you can do what you came here to do in this lifetime.
  4. Discover events that are the root of physical problems. Past life problems can be remarkably resistant to present day treatment modalities and medicines.  This is usually because the root of the illness is not being treated.  Past life regression therapy can often produce healing – and very rapidly!
  5. Align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Many people do not remember their soul purpose. If you want to discover your unique soul mission and learn how to fulfill it in all aspects of your life, past life regression can help by helping to remove any karmic difficulties and allowing you to uncover your true gifts.
  6. Release physical toxins. While undergoing past life regression therapy, some people experience temporary physical symptoms such as runny nose, coughing or choking, excessive sweating, shaking, rapid breathing, urgently passing gas, vomiting, and more. This is your body’s way of releasing stored toxins. This release provides the opening for past life healing. This release can happen over time or be a one-time event.
  7. Experience the transitional states of death and beyond. Some people are able to connect with spirit guides in this state. Others simply experience a deep rest that rejuvenates them physically and on a soul level. Whatever you experience, you no longer need to fear death when you realize that your soul is immortal.

Experiencing events from your past that are buried in your subconscious can help alleviate patterns that may be keeping you from living your soul’s purpose. The thorny issues you face in this current lifetime—including challenges associated with your social status, your family, the deaths of loved ones, and your health – have actually been chosen for you by your Soul to help you move forward toward enlightenment.

If you have irrational fears, an unexplained or chronic illness, or persistent feelings of anger or guilt, these may be due to past life influences.  Similarly, if you seem to repeat the same relationship problems over and over again, or have a strong aversion to a certain person, place or thing, or if you experience déjà vu (“coincidences”) often, these things may be rooted in a past life.  Past life regression therapy can make your life easier by helping you understand, deal with, and ultimately heal from these circumstances that may be blocking your path.


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