Sometimes in life it’s hard to focus on what is important with all the distractions of our everyday life. We seem to get caught up in other peoples thoughts, emotions and feelings; this is especially true with Social Media and being able to connect with literally thousands and thousands of people we have never met!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the idea of Facebook as a tool to connect with old friends, family and amplify positivity in the world. But Facebook has become a platform for sharing with is wrong with the world, and openly attacking people that do not share our own personal views. In most cases probably without ever meeting that person we lash out in anger and frustration with the stroke of a fews keys!

Now this blog is not on facebook so I will move on from my rant in which started this whole idea for a blog…..

As we evolve and grow as spirit beings have a human experience it’s important to remember that we are the only ones in charge of our happiness. As James Van Praagh, a world renowned medium and teacher says “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” As I think of this quote I realize it’s so true. We are the keeper of our happiness and joy in our life as we are all on our individual path. We all have our own version of “the truth” but yet we spend so much time, energy and effort trying to make others see things the way we do. We try so hard to prove we are right and they are wrong, but can we not both we right or both be wrong and honor that position instead of trying so hard to change their reality!? Is the so called division in our country possibly a vehicle to help us all come together? Respond without anger and judgement but step back and respond from a place of neutrality?

I admit the past several weeks have been stressful at best and the stress seems to continue if you let it. Today during my morning meditation I looked for guidance from a higher perspective and ask how can I learn and grow from my negative experiences from the past week! You see my human ego being uncomfortable has caused me stress and strife by trying to share my viewpoint; it’s also cost me a few friendships! So, I asked and this is how spirit responded. I used my most favorite Oracle Card deck from Denise Linn called “Sacred Traveler”. The card I pulled was Passion & Pleasure and when I read the meaning of the cards it all made perfect sense.

“Find joy in the moment. No matter what is occurring in your life, if you simply focus on what is splendid, wonderful and pleasurable in the moment EVERYTHING IMPROVES! Cherish friendships and fill you life with people, experiences and places that give you delight and JOY! Let go of those people and things that don’t appreciate or empower you.


A few months back while sitting in Trance with my group one of our fellow mediums channeled the following advice, while it’s pretty simple it’s hard advice to follow…..“Step aside while the angry mob passes by….”

If you’ve gotten this far and reading this blog my challenge to you is to stop and find who or what brings you joy and then begin to focus on that. When you begin to fill your soul with joyful things you will begin to feel and emit that joy to all those around you. I for one am stepping aside and allowing the angry mob to pass by as they say this too shall pass!

All my love and support Felicia

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