What exactly is a retreat? The definition from Webster is an act or process of withdrawing; a place of privacy or safety; a period for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director. I would add, a period of time you completely unplug and disconnect from your normal routine, responsibilities, and distractions, to focus completely on yourself and your needs. Retreats have been valued for a long time, shown by this quote, “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power or judgment…” written by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th Century! Even way back then, the brilliant artist recognized the value of retreats!
Retreats offer a rich and valuable experience to help you lead your most authentic and intentional life.
Here are my top 10 reasons why:
1. We change our environment, we change our mind. When you are away from your email, piles on your desk, children, messy closets, and yardwork, it frees your mind to think about your life in a totally different way. It creates space in your mind to explore, contemplate, and ponder things on a larger scale.
2. We have to be quiet in order to listen. We are so busy with so much stimulation around us today, it is rare to have any quiet time. Our still, inside voice of wisdom, (the one we often don’t pay much attention to) comes through loud and clear when we take the time to be quiet.

3. We all need to be part of something bigger. Being with a group of like-minded people is powerful. Strong bonds are made, even in a weekend when you spend time eating, talking, and practicing together inside the community of a retreat.
4. We experience something new. Much of the power of going on retreat comes from a willingness to open to the adventure of the complete experience. I can’t tell you how many of my participants have done something for the first time on their retreat—from surfing to horseback riding.
5. We flow with nature. Most retreats are centered around nature. Whether it is the ocean, a river, or the mountains, when we experience the passionate flow of nature, we are reminded how we can choose to flow in our own lives.
6. We experience breakthroughs when we take the time to stop. A new perspective is powerful. You take a step outside your “normal” life and things become more clear, transparent, and obvious, all setting you up for a breakthrough in your relationships, your work, or your handstand.

7. We give ourselves the permission and space not to be “doing” something all the time. There is not a busyness, but a real business in retreating. You learn how much you really are doing for yourself, by doing nothing.
8. We find our way back to ourselves. We renew, rejuvenate, and recharge with the mental, emotional, and physical rest a retreat provides and remember our true nature.
9. We experience freedom. You get to choose when to eat, sleep, take a walk by yourself, or join the group hike. When you focus on what you need moment to moment, you experience a sense of peace and contentment with your freedom of choice.
10. Your Retreat is a gift you give yourself, but it is also a gift to others. After you experience the power of a retreat, you return home more present, attentive, and intentional with yourself and everyone else in your life.

Now that you know the power a retreat has to offer, what are you waiting for? You could always take yourself on a retreat, but the problem is you have to figure out all of the logistics, and the perfect time, and if you really have the money, and, and, and,…you may not quite get around to doing it.
I encourage you to look online, talk to people, and book your retreat NOW. To get you started, here is the information for my upcoming women’s retreat.

Awaken and Transform

April 13-16, 2022

Daybreak at Elohee

Join us for our signature Dragonfly Experience Women’s Retreat.

Are you looking to spend time in nature, make soul connections with other like-minded women, release limiting beliefs, vibrations and energy that is holding you back? 


 Be part of the transformative power at this women’s retreat of being live and in-person together. We’re taking special precautions to ensure your safety in retreating to this gorgeous and nurturing place in nature in the North Georgia Mountains.

Join Advanced Soul Coach and International Psychic Medium Felicia Grant with a small group of like minded women for the perfect blend of relaxation, meditation, yoga, soul healing and fun in a safe supportive environment!

For more information on this retreat visit our website:

Meet the creator of Dragonfly Experience Retreats


Retreat Leader: Felicia Grant

Felicia has been leading transformational women’s retreats since 2008 after leaving her 20+ year career at Merrill Lynch to pursue a dream. As a highly sensitive child Felicia quickly learned that knowing and feeling others emotions came naturally to her almost like breathing! Learning through Soul Coaching® and becoming a Certified Spiritual Advisor® these abilities were actually a gift to help others that needed to be shared!  Felicia created Dragonfly Experience Retreats to offer heart centered retreats and workshops to help empower women to embrace their gifts and talents. These retreats have allowed Felicia first hand to witness women waking up to their innate strength, grace and wisdom. Felicia is a modern day “Spiritual Midwife” assisting women to give birth to a new life thru transformational retreats.