A Psychic or Mediumship Reading can provide guidance, validation, clarity and direction around past, present and future challenges. During a Psychic Reading (also called an Spirit Reading), you may receive answers to your questions regarding career, relationships, and life purpose. During a Mediumship Reading, you can expect to connect with your passed loved ones, and receive evidence that they live on as well as messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life.

I try to make sure that clients are prepared and as comfortable as possible when booking a reading; here is the information I email the day before a scheduled reading:

  • If you’ve booked a Mediumship session, it’s important to know what to expect in in your sitting. Felicia is a conscious (mental) Medium for Spirit so she will do all sessions from a conscious space.
  • First of all, please understand that we’re in this together. Mediumship is not like a concert where you can sit back and watch the musicians perform. A reading is a “threesome” between the medium, the spirit, and the person receiving the reading. Before your reading I drink plenty of water and avoid stress and distractions, and I recommend my clients do the same. The hour before your reading is not the time to get in a fight with your spouse or balance your checkbook. It’s important that you keep your energy clear so you’re in a calm, receptive space for the messages that come through. If you have time before your reading sit in a quiet place and talk to your loved ones in the spirit world. Ask them questions, let them know you want to hear from them. Trust me they hear you! 
  • I do not make projections about future events or prophesize (ie; death, advice regarding divorce or other sensitive topics) it’s against my code of ethics!
  • I recommend you set your intention for who you want to hear from and what you want to know.
  • Think of them and let them know that a doorway will be open for them at the time of your medium readings
  • Tell them how much you love to communicate with them; think of any questions you may have for them.
  • It’s important that you do not provide me with any information, your situation, your family, etc. ahead of time.
  • If you can meditation prior to session, This could help you stay relaxed, open and keep your energy vibration at a good level. 
  • If you don’t or can’t meditation prior, try taking several deep, full breaths. This will help you to relax and stay open to the experience.

It’s normal to have someone in mind that you want to come thru but, just let go and don’t control the experience! Calm your thoughts, open your heart and surrender to the wisdom of the universe. Many clients do exactly the opposite! They’re pushing so hard to connect with a particular loved one in the spirit realm that they run the risk of missing out on a life changing message. Your loved ones will share exactly the message you need to hear; they have your best interest at heart! Although 99% of all people coming to a reading are looking for specific individuals to communicate with, they are not always the ones or only ones who will communicate. There is NO GUARANTEE that you will receive the message you desire. If someone you desire to hear from does not communicate, do not take it personally and do not assume that person does not love you. In Spirit, they are filled with one for all. The lack of communication can be for several reasons, but, never has anything to do with how spirit feels about you. Spirit will never overwhelm you. If you are overwhelmed with grief for your loved one, or overly anxious, or not fully present spirit will sense this. The more open-minded and relaxed you are the better the energy can flow from Spirit.

Here are a few questions I get from clients:

Do I need to prepare differently if my reading is online vs in-person?

There are a few considerations to prepare differently if your reading is online vs. in person. If you have scheduled an online session, you’ll want to make sure you have a secure internet connection and a quiet space to have your reading so you won’t feel distracted. For an online session, you won’t need to plan any recording device since your session can easily be recorded. If your session is on Zoom, you’ll want to make sure that you have Zoom installed, have the meeting information nearby so that you can easily log on, and that your computer has its microphone and camera enabled.

For readings in-person, you want to make sure you plan plenty of time to arrive at your session so that you’re not feeling rushed or stressed. If you’d like to record your session, you will want to bring a device with you or find out how to record on your phone (most phones have recording apps installed – for example on an iPhone you can easily record using the voice memo app). Taking time to plan these things out before your session will make sure that you get the most out of it and are able to relax and process all of the information presented to you.

What To Do Before Your Reading – Be Clear About Your Intentions

Take some time to think through areas of your life where you may need guidance or questions you’d like to have answered during your reading. During a Psychic/Intuitive Reading, I let my clients know in the beginning that I will be checking in with them part way through the reading to make sure that I’ve answered all of their questions. It may help to make a list of questions in order of significance to you to refer to. In most cases, all of your questions may be answered before you even ask, however having a list can allow you to feel more relaxed knowing that nothing will be missed. 

Ask Your Passed Loved Ones to Be There   

This is another way of setting intentions for your reading. If you would like to hear from someone significant in your life, you could take some time to sit in Meditation or prayer and ask them to be there. Simply spending time thinking of and calling on your passed loved ones can better prepare you to hear from them during a Mediumship Reading. You might also look at old photographs or bring personal items to the reading. These are more for you not the medium.

Decide if You’d Like to Record and/or Take Notes

If you want to keep a record of your session, ask the Medium if it’s okay to record the session or take notes and plan ahead. For a phone or online session, many times the Medium will offer to record this for you, but you’ll want to know ahead of time if that’s important to you. This is an individual decision. Some clients feel uncomfortable or shy having sessions recorded and prefer to take notes. Others feel taking notes is too distracting and prefer the recording so they can be more present. Whatever allows you to feel most relaxed is the right choice. I strongly discourage clients from taking notes as it takes you away from the experience!

Prepare a List of Your Top 5 Questions

Now, let me say that it may not be necessary to ask any questions at all during your reading or perhaps only ask a few questions at the end. However, it’s almost always helpful to have intentions around what questions you’d like to be answered. Many times the Medium will answer your questions before you even have a chance to ask them! I always recommend being clear with yourself before a reading about what you’d like guidance and direction on. This will allow you to relax knowing that as the reading wraps up you can look over your list and make sure you have the answers you’re seeking. 

If It’s Online, Plan Ahead So You Have a Quiet, Comfortable Space

If you have an online session planned you’ll want to prepare a quiet and comfortable space so that you can feel relaxed and focus on the information being presented to you. It’s also important that you have a secure internet connection and as few distractions as possible. Of course things happen and there is no need to worry about this ahead of time, but taking care that pets and family members that might be home are settled and know that you’re on an appointment may help you to relax. Think about it this way, if you were having a meeting with your loved one in spirit or important conversation with a trusted spirit guide how would you arrange things? When you are relaxed and comfortable, you’re more likely to feel connected energetically and be naturally more open with your energy. Being relaxed can even help you to remember things more clearly. Remember it’s okay to feel nervous, and taking a few steps to prepare can allow you to have the best possible experience. 

Cleanse Your Energy

Feeling energetically clear for your session can add to the experience especially if you are a highly sensitive person. I recommend giving yourself some time to feel settled and relaxed before your session begins. This can allow you to practice taking a few cleansing breaths in order to be as open to the experience as possible. If you’ve had a stressful time leading up to your session that’s okay! Most people that come for a reading are dealing with difficult life experiences or grief and you don’t need to worry about the psychic or medium, just come as you are. I recommend taking some deep breaths and trying to ground and center yourself in order to be fully present for your session. For most people a reading can be a little exciting or anxiety producing because you are anticipating many things. Try to stay present as much as possible in order to have a beneficial and healing experience that you’ll be able to remember and look back on. 

What To Do During Your Reading

Keep an Open Mind 

You may have scheduled the appointment, however your loved ones in Spirit take part in planning and orchestrating your reading. They know exactly what they’d like to communicate to you through the Medium and why. This may not always be the information that you are expecting at the moment but may make sense over the course of the reading and beyond. If you become too overly focused on hearing specific information you can easily miss the messages and evidence that is coming through. Let the Medium know when something doesn’t make sense to you, but try to be open to whatever comes through. Be open to the spirit that comes thru first even though it might not be who you were expecting!!!

Try to Relax

Rushing to get to your appointment and feeling stressed can take away from your experience and leave you feeling distracted. For an in-person session, get directions and plan ahead so that you can arrive a few minutes early and feel relaxed during your session. If you have a phone or Zoom session scheduled, make sure that you have a quiet space with a stable internet connection and that no one else is in the room with you. 

It’s Okay to Cry 

Most clients cry during a session. Having an Intuitive or Mediumship Reading can evoke a lot of feelings and tears are a natural way that our bodies release emotion. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions in the moment can help you to process things that are discussed in your session or move through grief and loss. Remember that crying or becoming emotional will not distract the Medium or take away from the communication and it may be an important part of the healing process.

Use Your Voice

I ask my clients at the beginning of a Mediumship session to try and keep their answers to yes, no, or I’m not sure. It is important to use your voice to clearly respond to the Medium without giving lots of information. When I hear my clients voice I can feel the excitement or recognition from their loved ones in Spirit and this helps move the energy throughout the reading. In any session,  if something does not make sense, don’t be afraid to say so. This may mean that the Medium has misinterpreted some information and they will be able to get clarity for you. 

Put Your Phone on Airplane or ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

Phones can be a distraction to you and the professional that you’re connecting with. For this reason, I recommend putting your phone on silent mode, airplane mode, or do not disturb. You’ll want to be able to devote your full attention to what’s being said in your session. If you are having an online session, putting your phone on airplane mode (if you are on your desktop) can help with internet connectivity. You might also want to disable notifications on your computer so that you can focus. 

Remember to Ask Your Pre-Planned Questions 

I recommend having some questions prepared that you’d like to have answered and making a note for yourself so you don’t forget. The reader will likely check in with you towards the end of your session and you’ll want to scan over your questions to be sure that everything has been answered. Oftentimes during a reading you may forget things and this is especially true if you are sensitive to energy. Having a list or note for yourself can help you to relax knowing that you’ve got everything covered. Really often questions will be answered on their own but it’s nice to have assurance that you’re not forgetting anything. 

What To Do After Your Reading

Practice Self Care

Take some time to process everything that’s been discussed. Journaling, meditation or sharing your experience with a friend or therapist can help you to get the most out of your session. If you are sensitive to energy or grieving, you may want to plan some down time for yourself to rest and restore. A Psychic or Mediumship Reading can often inspire you to pursue your own spiritual development and learning. 

Reflect & Journal Any Thoughts

Reflecting and journaling your thoughts after a reading or any meaningful experience can help you to get the most out of it. Not only so you’ll have the memory of what’s been said, but having pen to paper can give you a safe space to process any feelings about what has transpired. I like to journal after meetings and find that taking notes helps me to remember, absorb and pay attention so I almost always have a notebook with me.

Trust Your Intuition

The most important part of an intuitive session is not to get you to trust the psychic or medium, it’s to get you to trust YOURSELF! A good psychic or medium will help you to connect to your intuition and recognize the power of your own inner wisdom. This could be through asking the right questions or presenting you with the information that your soul is wanting you to know. When this happens you may have a feeling of recognizing the truth and this can help you to trust your instincts more and make decisions without questioning yourself.

Give It Time Before Your Next Session

A lot of clients ask how often they can return for a reading or what the perfect amount of time is. While everyone is different, the right amount of time is typically six months to a year. You want to allow the information and guidance presented to you in the reading to take effect in your life. Coming back in too quickly can undermine and interrupt your intuition and instincts and leave you feeling dependent on a reader. This is never the goal. You are the greatest source of power and connection and you shouldn’t ever feel dependent on a medium or psychic for your connection. 

If you want a reading to feel more connected to your loved ones please reach out to me directly.

Felicia Grant Psychic Medium

oring. This profession just like any other profession needs training, testing and mentoring!

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