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This skill which once learned can allow you as an individual to transcend the spoken word via psychic means is psychometry. Psychometry is normally quantified as the psychic reading of inanimate items such as jewellery or ornaments, however the techniques used in psychometry can be used to allow you to read and discern people, environments and buildings themselves.

Psychometry in its most basic form is a simple enough psychic ability to learn but in order to develop your perception to the fullest levels of capability takes time and effort.

Compassion Essential to Psychometry
Understanding the energetic body will help greatly when developing any psychic ability but none more so than psychometry. Psychometry is not only a skill of the third eye, but in no small part is a skill of the heart chakra also. The heart chakra is the centre of universal love and a vital component of universal love is compassion and non judgement.

If one sets about any task with judgement in their subconscious they are no longer empty and thus unable to discern the truth beyond themselves. Any information or visions may well be related to internal reflections of your own pain and suffering and not that of the item which you are attempting to read.

Using the heart chakra you can elevate your consciousness beyond your internal judgements and into an arena of compassion. Compassion allows you to resonate with an item, to understand and discern the true nature of the energetic impressions imbedded on anything which you are reading. Without compassion any developmental activities are doomed to failure.

Understanding this vital fact of spiritual and psychic development we can implement a compassionate state by using a short “waking” meditation. This meditation does not require any specific circumstances, positions or timescales it can be done very simply. It may take a little while at first but you will soon get the hang of it.

Sitting or standing comfortably, allow your attention to drop to your heart chakra.

Slowly visualise it in a manner which is best for you, some visualise it as a flower, I prefer a vortex like wheel.

Now visualise this flower growing and blossoming and as it does your heart chakra expands (if you are visualising a vortex see it spin and grow)

Some times the heart chakra will feel as though it is stuck at one area and wont grow beyond that, just push through with a bit of determination.

As your heart chakra grows beyond that stuck point you may feel a sudden burst of emotion or even become tearful, don’t hold it in, just release it and let it go.

Once your flower/vortex has grown to about the size of your rib cage, just settle into it and sense the love and compassion which now flows through you.

In this state you will be capable of resonating (becoming one so to speak) with anything or any place. This is the start state you should be aiming for before any spiritual work psychic or otherwise, but particularly psychometry.

Learning Psychometry

The first exercise will allow you to develop confidence in your ability to identify and resonate with energy patterns.

Find a number of identical objects I use five similar washers as they feel and look exactly the same.

Choose a washer which will be your test piece.

Mark your chosen washer with black permanent marker, and store the others somewhere safe.

Carry your chosen washer close to your body for the next week or so, allowing it to absorb your own personal imprint.

After a week, place your marked washer with the other washers (remember to allow it to return to room temperature)

Now the test.

Open your heart as described before, and then focus on the third eye (try and maintain a loose focus on both).

Without looking for the marked washer (you can be blindfolded or they can be in a bag)

Slowly work your way through all of the test washers and attempt to identify the one which you have been carrying.

You may find that you just know which one it is, or the others my feel cold and just not yours. It is difficult to explain the sensation’s you will feel which will help you identify your washer, but if you practice you will just know which one belongs to you.

Reading Items Belonging to Others.
Again settle down, and open your heart, once you feel you resonate with love and compassion, gently switch your focus to the third eye, and slowly empty your mind of thoughts.

Now pick up the item (favourite items are engagement rings and wedding bands)

Slowly roll it about in your hands. Really feel the curves the impressions and physical shapes.

Focus on what you feel, firstly in your hands, It may feel warm, it may feel cold, it may feel heavy it may feel light.

Switch your focus to your heart chakra and feel what the energy is telling you, you may feel joy, anger or emotion each individual is different.

Think about your body, do you feel anything impressing upon your body? Maybe a pain in the ribs, or a stuffy chest this could be a health complaint of the owner.

Now slowly place your attention on the third eye,

See any pictures that come to mind, sometimes these can relate directly to the emotions you felt in the heart chakra, sometimes they tell the story of the Item.

Take a moment now to absorb all of the information you have received, and that is the story. Try not to think to much about it, just open your mouth and speak your truth. Sometimes what you say may provoke an open response from the sitter, they may feel open enough to talk about things which would otherwise have remained bottled up. Be prepared for this.

Psychometry in Environments.
Using the techniques described above you can experiment in different places and surrounded by different people. Once you slowly start to resonate with an environment you will become one with the signals and information which are constantly circulating. You will know if an environment is hostile or loving and have an understanding of the reasons why.

This technique also allows you psychic access to the multidimensional nature of this universe. Once you develop this skill you will slowly open gateways to witness the spiritual realms which live hand in hand with this world, seeing those things which others do not see, feeling those things which others do not feel and knowing things which others can not know. This technique is not a clairvoyance technique per se but is certainly a technique which will re-enforce your clairvoyant ability.

Felicia Grant is a Certified Soul Coach® and Past Life® trained by International Healer Denise Linn.

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Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with a private practice in Wilmington, NC