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Il Tesoro

Why go all the way to Italy for a retreat you might be asking yourself? Well, get ready as I explain why I love this country and love taking people there to experience the magic of Italy Retreat.

Italy is a rich experience for all of the senses.  A historically and culturally rich country, Italy has become one of the newest and most popular retreat locations. Whether you dream of being on retreat in an ancient villa in Tuscany or on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, True Nature has authentic Italian and stunning centers for your retreat. Not only will you be practicing yoga in beautiful facilities and dining on farm-to-table food, you will have the option to experience a wide array of diverse offerings such as cooking classes, olive oil tastings, exploring ancient castles on islands, and biking through the rolling hills. Viva Italia!

Each month leading up to the retreat in October 2023 I will talk about a different aspect of Italy-Umbria to wet your appetite for this adventure!!

This month we will focus on Umbria. Umbria is a region of Italy that sometimes gets overlooked for more notable locations like Tuscany or the Amalfi coast. But, Umbria rich in history and culture has so much to offer.

Why is Umbria called the green heart of Italy?

Umbria, a little-known region in central Italy, is known as “the green heart of Italy” because of its lush vegetation and large green spaces, unspoiled by man. Known as Italy’s green heart, vibrant Umbria is a nature-lover’s paradise. Though it lacks a coastline, the mountains and hills of Umbria are still awash in water thanks to the Tevere River and the Lago di Trasimeno, the largest lake in central and southern Italy. 

I loved Umbria since the first time my eyes met the extraordinary beauty of this region, sometimes underestimated or little known, but which absolutely deserves to be discovered.

An idyllic and unspoiled nature meets the beating heart of Italian art, generating superlative beauty, characterized by boundless landscapes full of suggestive villages and an history that seems not to belong to the past. Over the centuries, Umbria has kept its attachment to local tradition alive and has been the one of the protagonist of Italian cultural life. Land of artists and saints, endowed with a unique artistic heritage and countless architectural beauties, this small region is the perfect combination of the slow living lifestyle and the liveliness that all the various attractions offer.

Located in the center of Italy, its position is certainly enviable and strategic, as it is possible to reach many destinations in a short time, both within the region but also in neighboring ones such as Tuscany and Lazio. I believe that Umbria is a bit for everyone, you just need to find the part of the region that most stimulates and resembles us. In my opinion there is no need for particular indications or advices to visit the fascinating villages that characterize Umbria, as I believe that their beauty is so objective that it is enough to be guided by your own personal feeling to be accompanied in the discovery of these Italian wonders.

Next month we will explore more about Umbria and all it’s treasures!

Nourish your Soul with a Taste of Italy Retreat

October 8-14, 2023

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™-Medium

Holy Fire Reiki Master.

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