Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is a very refined aspect of mediumship, which influences our spirituality, as well as our messages in mediumship.  The blending of energy between spirit control and medium can be so strong that the medium can lose awareness but does not fall asleep!

The process of trance occurs when we subdue our conscious minds, slowing down our thinking so that the spirit world can impinge their minds on ours, in order that to establish their presence.  In this state, we can be in touch and at one with minds that influence, educate, uplift and inspire.

Trance occurs when, through the induction of an altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to ‘capture our attention’ or even place a ‘hold’ on our minds, enabling a closer blending with the spirit world.  – Arthur Findlay College

Using a deep altered state, Trance Mediumistic connection, Felicia will bring forth intensified healing energy directly from her Spirit Guides and Healing Guides. This session can help to bring about balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. This deep healing, can facilitate, for the recipient, activation of the body and soul’s innate healing ability, it can also bring deep relaxation, a sense of uplifting and awakening. Each session is unique based upon the client’s individual needs but overall wellness. Each client will have a different experience during the session, including but not limited to physical sensation, visual, audible and emotional experiences. On occasion Felicia Spirit Guides may speak through her to bring guidance.

Here are a few questions that are often asked associated with Trance:

Q – When is Trance Healing right for me?

A – Trance Healing is for someone that is looking for energy balancing in their body (chakras), mind and spirit. As well as physical aches and pains associated with illness, stress, anxiety or medications. Trance Healing does not take the place of medical advice or Western Medicine. It is meant to compliment traditional healing with alternative healing. It is done without touch or need to be in the same room with clients.

Q – What can Trance Heal?

A – Trance provides healing for most aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual body by tapping into your guides, guardians and inspirers to assist with the healing that is specifically needed for you. Stress reduction and working to eliminate energetic blocks, strengthen wellbeing, reducing pain and anxiety to promote wholeness.

Q – Do you need to know what’s wrong with me in advance?

A – NO! I do not want to know what is wrong with a client before they work with me. This allows me to completely surrender to my healing guides as well as your healing guides without getting my brain involved in the process. Most instances I will be called to work on or concentrate on an area of concern; at the end the client will confirm there is an issue there that needed clearing!

Q – What does Trance mean? What exactly is this?

A – Trance Healing occurs when the medium is in a meditative space (altered state) where consciousness expands from this world to the sprit world and a blending of spirt takes place with medium. We believe the two souls connect and blend with each other. The healing is coming thru the medium but not from the medium. In the recent series “Surviving Death” on Netflix Ep 2 a medium Libby Clark from the UK demonstrates Trance Healing as she surrenders to a sprit named Dr. James. He comes thru her and offers healing to her clients.

Q – What kind of trance will I be in; how will you put me in this trance; how will you snap me out of it?

A – You are not in a Trance at all during this process. It’s entirely the medium.

Q – How should me space be setup?

A – You should be in a quiet space. No cell phones, no interruptions, in a comfortable chair or lying down.

Q – What will I feel during the trance healing session?

A – This varies from client to client depending on your ability to surrender and relax. Most clients report they had a feeling or sense of total relaxation during the session. Some clients sense or feel things being released and a feeling of guides, guardians or angels gathering for the purpose of offering healing.

Q – How are you able to heal me remotely?

A – Think of a cell phone. It’s not necessary to be in physical proximity to a caller to talk on a cell phone, as cell phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other cell phones. Similarly, Trance clients do not need to be in physical proximity to medium to receive the energy just as mediums don’t need to be near recipients to send it. “We are all energy that connects us because we’re all one.”

Q – Can anything ‘go wrong’ during it?

A – No, similar to reiki healing practitioners & mediums have a mantra “DO NO HARM.” We call upon the loving energy of the spirit world to assist us with administering healing.” We are not medical doctors, we do not diagnose or heal anyone. We channel healing energy that helps your body awaken to the ability to heal.

I am introducing a new type of reading for clients called Channeled Expression

 “A Channeled Expression is truly a unique experience; a gift of the Divine.”

Within a altered state of awareness, Felicia will take you on a journey of  wonder and discovery! Gain valuable insight into your life, your soul and perhaps even your soul’s mission here and now.  This message is channeled from your Spirit Guides and Sprit team during a trance like session by Felicia.  This session is for the OPEN MINDED.

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Medium and Holy Fire® Reiki Master  in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Certified by International Psychic Medium Lisa Williams & International British Medium Tony Stockwell

Zoom online sessions offered as Felicia has clients all over the world.

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