Check out this inteview on WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk Radio with Felicia Grant Certified Psychic Medium. DeEtte Ranee fellow medium is chatting with Felicia about her journey to becoming a medium.

“I’m pretty sure I had these gifts as a child. My first encouter was my imaginary friend Mrs. Tally a bus driver. My grandmother was also very psychic/intuitive although she never talked about it; she fostered this ability in me by setting a place at the dinner table for Mrs. Tally!”

In 2012 I went to study with International Author and Coach Denise Linn for 10 days on her ranch in Paso Robles, California. Becoming Certified as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner was the begging of the creation of Dragonfly Experience Retreats for Women.

In 2014 I went to Sedona to receive my Holy Fire Reiki® Certification and met Lisa Williams International Psychic Medium which I began to mentor with in 2015.

“I was acutally paying Lisa Williams to tell me I was not a medium!”

In 2015 I began the process to certify as a “Certified Spiritual Advisor – Psychic Medium” thru the LWISSD- Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.”

“After I become a Holy Fire Reiki® Master my gifts cracked wide open!”

My mediumship has strengthended as I have been studying with Tony Stockwell, well known Psychic Medium from England on Trance Mediumship and trance phenomena. This has helped my blend and surrender ever more to the sprit world”

For the entire interview please watch the video above.