Sedona Women’s Retreat 2023

Where do I begin with this adventure!? After leading women’s retreats since 2008 this never gets tired for me; and I aways come home saying “this was the best retreat ever!” But, honestly I must say THIS WAS THE BEST RETREAT EVER!!!

My last retreat and visit to Sedona was in 2014 first for a retreat and back to get my Holy Fire Reiki Certification. As much as I loved Sedona I had not planned to go back there anytime soon. But, spirit had another idea for me!! At the completion of one of my weekend end retreats at Elohee in Sautee GA last October my women wanted SEDONA much to my strong desire to say NO they kept saying YES!

Lots of challenges over the past year for me made this a difficult and challenging retreat. Not, the event planning that was a piece of cake more of the day to day life challenges that were being presented to me. I was building a new house to be done in June/July that had now been pushed to September during the retreat dates. Fires burning out of control near and around Sedona and I was told that crowds there since COVID were at an all time high making parks, trails and restaurants over crowded. It just seemed like I was getting sign after sign not to go ahead with this retreat. But, I had 11 women that were 100% committed for this retreat to happen since they had never been to Sedona before and could not wait to experience the glory of the Red Rocks!

We arrived in Phoenix on Sunday, September 4th 2023 and it was 112 degrees to welcome us; nothing like hot desert heat to get your attention. Our drive to Sedona was breathtaking as we climbed towards Sedona seeing all the beautiful saguaro cactus in all their glory.

I had decided we would stay at a small town near Sedona in Old Town Cottonwood created in 1908. This beautiful old western town was the perfect place to start our adventure. Small shop line the streets with restaurants, wine tasting venues, and lots of shopping!!

I rented a 12 passenger Ford Van which we lovingly called the Dragon Wagon (since this was a Dragonfly Retreat). Each morning we loaded up the Dragon Wagon and headed out to Sedona about a 23 minute drive that was drop dead gorgeous. As we headed towards Sedona there was this magical backdrop of Red Rocks everywhere you looked.

Our first hike was the iconic round shaped Bell Rock. There is a side story that I will not go into too much detail but 11 women and no bathroom in site. Of course, I will leave the rest of this to your imagination but we do have a new saying we learned from our Sedona Mystical Tour Guides Kim & Suzanne “if you need to water a plant” there are lots of options! As we left Bell Rock on the far side near the exit we found the bathrooms and laughed out loud!

This was also a special day because it was my 64th birthday surrounded by friends and Red Rocks!

Some of the highlights of our week was our visiting to The Chapel of Cross, hiking along Crescent Moon Park aka Buddha Beach and the amazing energy of Cathedral Rock, the perfect balance of masculine/feminine energy. Cathedral Rock had such powerful energy it made the hair stand up on my body and I felt EVERY CELL OF MY BEING VIBRATING as we got closer and closer.

On our final day we went to Boynton Canyon to hike and were greeted by a beautiful soul named Robert that is a light-worker and caretaker of peace on the planet. He goes to Boynton Canyon each day to spread the word of peace and hand out these Red Rock Hearts. I met him there in 2014 and could not believe here was still there!

There is a lot of hype about Sedona and it’s ALL TRUE! Yes, there are a lot of people that go there each year but the magic and mystery of the land is still present. Our bodies naturally harmonize with the energy of the vortexes and the healing energy and vibration there is like no other place I’ve been on the planet.

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™-Medium

Holy Fire Reiki Master.