I find the current times to be difficult to navigate especially with Facebook and Social Media blasting us with news, opinions, confusion and even some hateful comments!  I’m spending time working on my upcoming April retreat in Costa Rica where we women will gather and learn to “Open to the Vibration of Love.”  These events are very special to me and the women who attend are terrific. They’re empowered and smart and ready to explore more deeply the desire to live a soul-directed life.

If you’d like to join us, please register early as the event always sells out. You can get more info, here: https://feliciagrant.com/costa-rica/

Speaking of self-care. This week I wanted to share a few things I’m doing during this turbulent  times to take good care of myself. Take what works for you 

• First, I don’t debate politics for sport. If someone wants to have an intelligent conversation about issues that matter, I’m all ears, but I won’t play games with something so sensitive and important.

Which means that I need to know what I’m talking about. When I’m trying to have a discussion and suddenly realize I don’t know enough, I shut my mouth and make a note to learn more. Google gives me plenty to read when I want to dive into a topic.

Knowledge is power. I feel empowered when I know what I’m talking about and it allows me to make a productive and sensible contribution to a conversation.

• I’m listening to people who share different views with an open-mind and a hunger to learn more.

• I’m doing at least one thing a day to make my desires known after becoming well informed. One of the gifts of the administration change is the way people from all sides are getting more involved in the political process. I’m making phone calls and sending emails and I’m also spending time with people who can educate me about civic duties and being a responsible citizen.

• I’m doing my best to be a better human being. When I catch myself judging others, I stop and look in the mirror.

• I’m praying for everyone – all sides, all people, all the time.

• I’m committed to staying grateful. Every night I post five things I’m thankful for on both my Instagram and Twitter accounts and I invite others to do the same. Reading the gratitude lists from my followers keeps me focused on what’s good and right with the world and I always get more ideas of what to appreciate in my own life.

Finally, while I don’t watch or read any sensational news channels (and there are many), I do keep my head out of the sand. I look for people and publications to follow that cover both sides of the issues in a responsible way.

Fear and anxiety keep the adrenal system running on high alert and, with that, critical thinking goes out the window. I’m much less afraid when I bypass the drama and learn about what’s really going on.

Good self-care, especially during tough times, benefits everyone. I hope something I’ve shared this week will support you in reconnecting to your inner strength and wisdom.

It’s so important to remember that it’s always there…  

Felicia xo

April 22-27, 2017 – Women’s Retreat

 Spread your wings and fly to Costa Rica

“Open your Heart to the Vibration of Love”

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Felicia Grant Women's Retreat Costa Rica

Felicia Grant is a Certified Intuitive Soul Coach® trained by International Author Denise Linn founder of Soul Coaching® International.   
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