by Felicia Grant Certified Medium (CSA LWISSD)

Losing a loved one is never easy. Working with clients bring thru their loved ones is difficult but rewarding!

Spirits never want to increase our grief or sadness in fact they want to support and help us through losing them and life without them here in the physical world.

Here are some of the stages of grief that might help you or a loved one that might be suffering a recent loss.

Denial – “I’m Fine”

You can’t believe or don’t want to believe that it’s happening and it’s like a dream; you feel like you need to wake up. You don’t want to accept the reality that your loved one has passed. This is not a good time for a reading and I recommend that clients wait 3-4 months after a loss before they call me!

Anger – “Why me?” “It’s not fair!” “Who is to blame?”

You express anger and will look for other people to blame or look for excuses. You might have anger and rage in yourself that you don’t know how to control or where it’s coming from. You’re angry that the person you love has gone. This is when you might hear “if there was a god he wouldn’t allow this to happen. People’s faith changes in this process as well. You can have a reading during this time but it’s important to be open and accepting; especially if this is a child or suicide.

Bargaining – “I’ll do anything for one more conversation”

This is when you start to think that they could have done something to change this happening. If I had done this or that…only answered the phone in the middle of night or responded to that text!? You start to bargain with yourself or God saying, if I do this will you bring her or him back. It’s hard when this is happening but this time is a time when a reading can offer major healing for your life. It will help you to understand that it was your loved ones time to pass and there was nothing that could be done to change that. It won’t make it better but help you to understand more.

Depression – “Why Bother?” – “I just want to be with them”

Depression is normal with the passing of someone you love. It’s important to get help with processing these feelings of sadness, depression and guilt with a grief councilor. Remember, it’s a normal part of this process and sometimes a reading/connection will help you feel more connected to your loved one and know that they are at peace and want the same thing for you; whilst establishing a connection to help you through your darkest moments. They want to help you move on with your life.

Acceptance – “It’s going to be okay” – “Things happen for a reason”

This stage is about accepting the situation that your loved one has crossed and is peace; now it’s your turn. You begin to date (it your widowed) or begin to laugh again and have fun and your loved ones are okay with you enjoying your life.

A reading creates a time to help you know that your loved ones are okay with you moving forward. They will acknowledge that it’s okay to make new friends, have new relationships or to have another child. It will never replace them and they know that. You can begin to see how beautiful life can be and the healing process can give you so much closure.

Here are a few books I suggest to my clients:

Healing Grief – James Van Praagh

How to Heal a Grieving Heart – James Van Praagh / Doreen Virtue

Adventures of the Soul – James Van Praagh

Survival of the Soul – Lisa Williams

If you are interested in reading or have questions please feel free to reach out to me!

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