This blog is in honor and tribute to Wayne Dyer.  This excerpt was posted from a fellow Soul Coach® that she had received from Wayne in July. We have lost an amazing spiritual pioneer that has provided us with endless inspiration and is still teaching us from above!

Wayne dyer

Wayne’s Weekly Wisdom – Taken from July’s weekly wisdom

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.”

Last week, I shared how to use your intention to attract prosperity and abundance in your life. My hope is that you applied some of what I shared so you can see just how powerful setting an intention is in manifesting abundance in your life. This week, I wanted to share additional lessons that are very powerful when you take the time to understand and apply these lessons in your daily life. These ideas, these teachings, came about while I was writing Wishes Fulfilled. As I was rereading a portion about choosing to feel good, it reminded me of the power we have over what we experience and what we feel. Feeling good is really your divine right, your power of creation, and a choice you make.

It is reported that Swami Muktananda asked each visitor entering his ashram if he knew the difference between feeling good and feeling God. If the devotee shook his head indicating he did not know, Muktananda would form a circle with his forefinger and thumb indicating zero – meaning there is zero difference between the two – God and good are one. God and all He created is good. When you choose to feel good, you are choosing to feel the oneness that is called both good and God. Commit to making this your reality by repeating your intention to feel God-realized. Say to yourself, I intend to feel good, or as a synonym for God, I intend to love.

Don’t dwell on your troubles, difficulties, or illnesses. The subconscious mind by its very nonselective nature accepts all your feelings associated with troubles as your request – and worst of all, proceeds to make them your experience in the world of your material reality. On the other hand, feeling love associated with what you have placed in your imagination triggers the subconscious mind to produce experiences that reflect its own Divine nature. Feel the feeling of love in your body directed at what you place in your imagination as an idea, and then you activate the subconscious mind.

The moment it receives a feeling impression, it takes action on working out the ways of its expression. I have been doing precisely this since I had a diagnosis of leukemia several years ago. I place into my imagination an I am that says I am strong; I am perfect health. This is my imagination, and I can place any conscious thoughts in there that I choose, regardless of what my five senses might be saying to me. I live from this awareness of I am strong; I am perfect health. I talk to my body and remind it that I refuse to dwell on any I am weak; I am sick images.

There are biological laws that your body abides by, and often what is labeled “disease” is actually your body’s natural healing reflex. If you cut yourself, your body knows what to do – it forms a scab on its own. The presence of a scab doesn’t indicate that your body is out of balance and requires medical intervention. There’s swelling, inflammation – and yes, some pain – but that isn’t disease unless it becomes excessive. This way of recognizing your body’s healing intelligence instead of treating it as a disease is equally true for psychological and emotional incidents.

Unexpected psychological events – such as the breakup of a marriage, a financial crisis, or the death of a loved one – create reactions in the brain that trigger physical responses in the body that are designed to assist the body in dealing with the conflict. The body continues to assist until the conflict is resolved, and then it goes into a healing phase to get back to its natural state of well-being. During this healing phase, the body may utilize swelling, inflammation, fatigue, and an elevated white-blood-cell count as part of the healing process.

This is how I deal with a diagnosis of leukemia. I choose to feel good (God), to trust my body to use its inherent wisdom for healing, and to treat the diagnostic numbers in medical lab reports as what I’m supposed to be experiencing. I go by how I feel and the truth is, I am well, I am strong, and yes, I am God. I treat my body well, eat healthful foods, rest, exercise, do yoga, and know that everything is in the Divine hands and in Divine order.

The fact is that I feel good, and I am resolving any and all conflicts with massive doses of love (God is love, remember). This is what I choose to imprint on my subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind accepts as true that which I feel is true. Creation is the result of subconscious impressions, and by my feelings, I determine creation.

In closing, on the necessity of assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled to facilitate your having an active role in manifesting a wishes fulfilled life, I offer you three reminders for how the subconscious mind works in collaboration with your feelings as a crucial component of this magnificent and mystifying process:
The subconscious mind responds to suggestions. You can reprogram your subconscious mind so that it goes on its accustomed role of autopilot with mental and feeling images from yourself. Talk to this automatically receptive component of yourself, telling it that you are unlimited, and that you believe all things are possible. Fill it with images of you being all that you dare to become. Go to a quiet place and feel in your body what it would feel like were those thoughts in your imagination your present reality.

The subconscious mind possesses the power to manifest physical reality from thought. Every object and circumstance in this world is representative of a mental thought. All that now exists was once imagined – such is the power of the subconscious mind. But in order to partake of this incredible powerhouse of creation that you are, you must be able and willing to experience within your self – in your mind – that which you wish to manifest. Thoughts become things when you feel them, and are able to impress them upon the subconscious mind, which will then take over.

Love is the feeling you must learn to assume. Subconscious mind is really a piece of the one mind, and you and I are living in that mind. This universal subconscious mind is the first cause, and the stuff from which all things are made. This thingless thing is really love. When you feel it, truly feel it within as your private inner awareness regarding what you would like to manifest, you gain the power of creation.
When you experience anger, frustration, fear, doubt, worry, stress and so on, ramp up your love and immerse those negative feelings in a container of pure love. Simply choose to feel good because every moment of offering love brings your little sliver of subconscious mind into harmony with all the all-creating one universal subconscious mind that is defined as love.


I hope you will find some inspiration from this post and the wisdom from a man who “walked his talk.”

My simple take away from this is that you live the life you imagine if you just BELIEVE it’s possible!

Felicia Grant

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