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cc5864_932d78e32c8d4dcba168921303d5054e“Felicia is one of the most beautifully heart felt women I’ve ever met.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and without a doubt brings out the best in you just by being around her.  Her love for others is genuine and her ability to connect with people and helping them realize their true beauty is really a gift that must not be wasted!  I was fortunate to have had a soul Journey with Felicia in which she guided me through a difficult childhood fear that crept up during my journey.  She made me feel safe and strong, thereby giving me the ability to get through this fear and even conquer it.  It was truly a life changing experience!

Anyone who is to work with Felicia will no doubt find themselves living at a higher vibration and feel on top of the world!  Thank you Felicia for all that you have done for me.  I KNOW that you are a natural born healer!”   Michele Elder, Registered Nurse, Portland, Oregon

 I just had my epiphany two days after the retreat LOL it didn’t happen during. Although I did find the answers within myself for a couple of things that I was searching for. But my epiphany driving right now, listening to Felicia Grant on a podcast LOL she was explaining that the Dragonfly Experience is a retreat for women like-minded women to come together in a safe space and decompress. And I just realized that this past weekend wasn’t supposed to be a weekend we’re all of my questions were answered and I was gonna figure myself out completely and get the answers to everything that I’m wanting to know. It was just that, to decompress in a safe space would like minded women. My soul was able to decompress. The magic that happened up on that mountain, that I wouldn’t say I was skeptical to, I was just not aware of. That magic was amazing. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined to feel a physical experience during any of the Reiki or sound healing or meditation. It truly was magical. I’m thankful four every person that I met weekend, I’m thankful for Felicia; I could listen to you talk forever and ever and ever.  I look forward to my next retreat in April. – Rachel S. 

“I had my first (psychic medium) reading ever done by Felicia and I couldn’t have had a more wonderful experience. Not only is she honest about what she does, she made me feel welcome and allowed me to open my heart more than I ever have. After the recent passing of my husband, I was able to communicate with him through her. I went in not expecting anything and it turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself. This experience will allow me to heal even just the tiniest bit better. If I could talk to her all day everyday I would but I know that’s not possible.  She is truly an amazing woman, so caring and willing to help people in the hardest points of their lives. Thank you Felicia, you’re making my nightmare a little bit easier to handle. I highly recommend her and will continue to do so.”   Christine Ogrodnik Wilmington, NC


14256761_10209083290473258_2029322184_n-pngAmazing!  That is how I would describe my experience with Felicia.  I had been suffering with a persistent headache, and when I casually mentioned it to Felicia during a class, she went right to work.  She placed her hands for just a few minutes on my head, my ears, my neck and shoulders, and like magic, the headache I had been dealing with for days was gone.  It felt fantastic to be pain free, but what Felicia did for me that day went much further than releasing my pain; she also helped me release something I did not even realize was stuck within me.  That night I had a nightmare that I awoke from in tears.  Those tears were something I had needed to release, but they, along with the fears associated with the situation I had dreamed about, had been pushed deep down for years.  The dream helped me to finally recognize those fears,  deal with them and let them go.  I truly believe the healing Felicia gave me the day before was the catalyst for the release I experienced that night, and I am truly grateful for her ability and her willingness to share it so lovingly. – Carol Cottrell, Intuitive Psychic Medium Charleston, SC

I had the pleasure of working with Felicia for a trance reiki healing session. I had never had a reiki session before and Felicia was so welcoming and made me feel at ease. When the session was over, I felt renewed and peaceful. Thank you Felicia, I will definitely be scheduling another session very soon! Kim Powell, Wilmington, NC


testimonial“Please don’t let me forget to tell you about the wonderful women I met on the trip and the beautiful Soul Coach of our retreat, Felicia Grant. Felicia was warm, welcoming and let you know with certainty that you belonged at the retreat. She was human too, not just an intimidating figure that you only get to know from afar. She laughed with us, cried with us and adjusted the schedule to our needs as a group.” – Jenn Bueller Boca Raton, FL




“I came because I wanted someone else to help me find direction and peace in my life. I left knowing that in the silence I found my own way. I feel empowered to take this peace and joy into my life. This was a different kind of retreat, not what I expected but better than I could have imagined. I feel AWAKE, ALIVE and full of PASSION. I feel connected to the earth and the beautiful women that I have met. I leave here better, happier than when I arrived. I wish you all the same beautiful experience but in your own way. I recommend being open, you may not get what you expected but I believe you will find what you need. Thank you for following your dreams and making this retreat a reality. Thank you for opening up with your heart.” –Kimberly B. – Miami, Florida




Sue.rickenbacher“I had the privilege of working with Felicia. She showed me how to use my own inner wisdom to support me on my path. Felicia has tremendous insights which are truly illuminating.”


Sue Rickenbacker, Translator Weinfelden, Switzerland


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 I just had my first ever psychic medium reading & I am so happy it was with Felicia!!! I didn’t say anything about what I was hoping to experience but it didn’t matter. She nailed everything!!! My dad passed away in 2020 from covid & I had a lot of unanswered questions. Felicia told me things that were oh so true to confirm my dad was there with us. I left our call with such a feeling of peace & now some happiness knowing he’s there with his parents & sister but still here watching over us. I will definitely be calling her again & highly recommend her to anyone that wants to hear from loved ones or friends that have passed on. Tomorrow is my birthday & hearing from my daddy was the best present ever!!!  

“I had my first reading ever with Felicia today and I really enjoyed it. I did not know what to expect, but after my reading I am definitely even more intrigued with the spirit world and want to explore it further!”  Ashton Halee Wilmington, NC

“This was something I decided to try outside of my comfort zone. I’ll be honest I was skeptical. I am hear to tell you Felicia has a gift. This was my very first reading ever. Felicia knew nothing about me, at all or why I even wanted to do it. Everything was spot on and meant so much to me to hear. I will be scheduling another meeting in the near future as one 30minute session was not enough for me.”   Jessica Suprenant  Wilmington, NC

“Amazing! I’ve been to a medium twice prior to this session and 99% of everything she said was spot on. She has a true gift and I’ll definitely be returning in the future!” Sara Pugh North Carolina


What a beautiful name for this retreat. I feel so balanced. My world was spinning. Your meditative spirit and energy have fulfilled me. I look forward to many more retreats with you.  You’re a natural leader”  – Joyce McCaffrey,  Venice, FL

So far, my spiritual path has been amazing. I’ve had a lot of interesting things happen to me along the way. Attending the Dahlonega retreat was the catalyst for all of this. I’m very grateful to Felicia for helping me “see” things. I look forward to learning more from her. Through a series of synchronicities, I found the Dahlonega women’s retreat.

Laura D.
Atlanta, Georgia


“Felicia is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth. She is one of the very few individuals I have personally chosen to train in Advanced Soul Coaching® methods.  Felicia provides deep and enriching experiences for all her clients and retreat participants.” 

Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching.



Google Review by Becky Setliff

My reading was very cathartic for me. I did not know what to expect. Felicia makes you feel at ease. Although very emotional for me, it was so comforting connecting with my loved ones. I was in need of reassurance and was given it through my reading. I also found joy in hearing some of the family memories brought up in my reading. She shared the recorded session with me and a song that was shared in my reading. I am grateful to have both to listen to anytime. I highly recommend Felicia. She exemplifies professionalism, compassion, and a warm heart. I feel this was of tremendous value in my healing and grief journey.

Google Review by Maggie Stephens

My reading with Felicia was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone who is is wishing to connect with their loved one(s). The reading gave me a sense of peace and understanding that I very much needed. Felicia is very gifted and I am so grateful for her being able to connect with my loved ones.

Google Review by Victoria Light

Felicia gave a phenomenal reading. She provided a recording of the entire session which I can play back any time. I had a reading with Felicia about four weeks ago and still refer back to the recording to find peace in my healing process.

Google Review by Lisa Tipton

My son recently passed, he was my world. I didn’t think I could go on. Until I meet Felicia. After my reading, I knew my son was in heaven and ok. I can’t put into words what she did for me. She is so amazingly blessed with her gift. She truly saved my life. She has such a beautiful soul.

Google Review by Angela Crow

We really feel at peace now after our reading with Felicia! She is very welcoming and gifted! Thank you so much Felicia!

Google Review by michele collins

I walked out of my session with Felicia feeling like I just had a whole body massage. I’ve been singing her praises to everyone I know since. Very powerful reiki! I can’t wait to go back.

Google Review by Nicole Cowan

Highly recommend Felicia. Extremely talented and put on an incredibly tailored and thoughtful spiritual women’s retreat. Reiki unbelievably moving!

Google Review by Cindy Haeck

So glad my life path led me to Felicia….who is part of my health and wellness tribe. She expertly guides routine reiki experiences helping me maintain spiritual, energy, and physical balance. Gifted intuitive!

Google Review by Patti Lockenbach

Highly recommend! Felicia has a warm & caring approach and is gifted in helping others! Thank you Felicia!!

Google Review by Hunter Vickers

I went for a reading, Felicia was great! I can highly recommen her! What a wonderful person, and very blessed! Thank you Felicia.

Google Review by Karen Clow

Felicia is such a beautiful spirit! I felt so much more centered and calm when we were done with the reiki energy session!

Google Review by Kat O’Reilly

Thank you so much Felicia!! Absolutely wonderful reading.