After a very difficult year and a half I just managed to pull off a successful women’s retreat…covid restrictions and all and I have to admit it was one of the best women’s retreats I’ve had. We were all ready for human contact, sharing and a sense of not feeling alone. So, I wanted to share The Magic that a women’s retreat offers.

I’ve been creating and leading women’s retreats since 2008 and I am still amazed at the magical moments created at each and every retreat and this last one was no different. When you gather a small group of like minded women at beautiful place like Elohee Retreat Center in the North Georgia Mountains magic just happens! No distractions, no wifi, no tv’s just 200+ acres of sacred land, delicious meals, yoga, meditation all set the stage for a great retreat.

So, you ask yourself…..what really happens in a women’s retreat anyway?

How could attending a retreat inspire you to live full out? That’s exactly what we’re going to explore, and as we do IMAGINE what will serve you best.

First…let’s consider…

When we look at the definition of “retreat” in the dictionary, it says: the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.

The quest for solitude is something many women crave – especially with today’s traditionally “busy” schedules and full commitments — and at the same time – a well-balanced woman has an equal pull towards community, growth, new experiences and adventures.

A powerful, life-richening women’s “retreat” blends time exploring deep within oneself with exposure to new ideas, activities and people.

With women’s retreats popping up across the globe, and new “coaches and leaders” coming into the field every day, it’s important to discern the difference between these retreats in order to make the best choice for you. To the uninitiated Eye they can appear the same, but in actuality retreats can be as different as a diamond is to a cubic zirconia.

That’s why I’ve compiled 7 reasons why every woman should experience a women’s retreat to support you in choosing the appropriate course for your personal transformation. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather advance than retreat any day! Here are the deepest transformational reasons to attend a women’s retreat led by a genuine master.

1) Connecting with Amazing Women in Authentic Sisterhood.

Women's Retreat Elohee

I can’t tell you how many women I talk to that say that they wish they had better, deeper relationships with real women friends. It’s almost as though many women have become accustomed to hanging out with the guys, or they’re tired of competing with women. It’s as if deep conditioning has kept some women stuck in old patterns that don’t serve their authentic Self and soul calling (BTW, it’s possible to have more than one calling but you must allow space for it to emerge).

Connections with soul sisters at women’s retreats empower you to…

  • Dissolve judgments and stereotypes that have blocked you in the past; opening you up to new possibilities and meaningful friendships. (eliminating these blocks and becoming available to what could be is one of the most powerful shifts you can make.)
  • Create sacred community with women who, like you, crave evolutionary experiences.
  • Cultivate deep, supportive, enriching bonds with women that often last a lifetime.
2) Gift Yourself Time to Let Go, Be Free, Heal. Rejuvenate.
Retreat for women

As women we have countless roles in life. Time to ourselves is a luxury – that for many women – isn’t often afforded. I see so many women putting (as they describe) “everyone” and “everything” FIRST. Can you relate? This causes conscious and subconscious imbalance, that left unattended, leads to resentment. But the good news is *this* can be rapidly remedied with a women’s retreat designed specifically for you.

Retreats are a sacred space to release any burdens, take off the mask, let down your guard, maybe even your hair… as you rediscover aspects of you that may have been lost or forgotten (or at least if it feels that way). Together, with other unique, like minded women, you will rediscover your center as you let go of any hurt, feelings of inadequacy or not being good enough, and/or betrayals.

The freedom created in the sacred container of women’s retreats is pure magic.

This allows you to…

  • Let your true essence shine bright as you uncover and step into new possibilities.
  • Explore alternative perspectives to inspire and spark positive change.
  • Step out of everyday life to discover, deepen and reclaim YOU (the you that’s been deeply craving to emerge and express your Self fully).
3) Enjoy Self-Care Rituals that make YOU the Priority.
Waterfall at Elohee Retreat Center

You’ve likely heard that you cannot give from an empty cup. I am quite certain that this statement was created for women. When you attend a women’s retreat it’s all about YOU. The environment is nurturing by design and you’re exposed to new ways of being.

The ritualistic experiences are designed to inspire you to…

  • Create daily rituals that fill you up so you have more to give to yourself and everyone else (during the retreat and beyond).
  • Experience and understand the importance of activities that transform and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
  • Honor and revel in the miracle of your body temple; heal any pesky disturbing “body image issues.” Love your Self more completely than ever before.
4) Experience Spiritual Awakenings.

The most powerful, well-balanced and life-changing “retreats” integrate elements of introspective engagement and spiritual awakening (regardless of personal affiliation with Source, God, the Universe, or any religion). Simply put – bringing Divinity into the mix amplifies the retreat experience bringing you closer to your authentic Self, and more present to your relationship with life itself.

These experiences empower you to…

  • Tap into something greater than yourself (and learn to harness the power of infinite potentiality).
  • Align your inner wisdom with higher wisdom to make more powerful choices.
  • Ignite Divinity in your heart and soul.
5) Embrace Deep Transformation to Claim the Life you Desire.
Dragonfly experience retreat

When you’re drawn to a retreat, it’s because there is a deep yearning inside for something greater or different. That is human nature. Much like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the right retreat for you will accelerate your evolution into who and what you are destined to become.

The fertile environment and teachings will aim you to…

  • Honor your own voice; express your Self fully and authentically (when you speak your truth with authority and take action – your genuine desires will manifest rapidly).
  • Ignite your confidence and business prowess to attract leaders who will align with you to realize your vision passionately and prosperously.
  • Create clarity in passionately choosing your life partner, in full alignment with your essential values.
6) Be In a Community that Supports and Uplifts your Success on All Levels.

While authentic connection is a primary reason to attend, community is equally valuable. You can connect one-to-one with another person but there is nothing on earth like finding the right tribe for your vibe! In order to ADVANCE it’s imperative that we surround ourselves with people who understand the journey and are willing to do what it takes to quantum leap.

A carefully curated advancement course connects you with…

  • Experiential activities to deepen bonds, and activate certain energies with you. (Such as working with archetypes to invoke and embody the multi-dimensional aspects within you. There is great transformative power in discovering the archetypes that have been subconsciously influencing your perception, as well as working with archetypes to call forth greater expressions of thinking and being. This cannot be overstated. Archetypes are templates for expanding consciousness.)
  • A sacred container of women who uplift you and cheer you on, while standing strong on their own.
  • The deeper truth is that we are unified tribal beings who need one another to create success and fulfillment.

It’s true that we all possess both masculine and feminine energies, AND, it’s VITAL that we women tune into the Divinity of our feminine essence. By participating in a women’s retreat you’re exposed to other amazing women, and you’ll naturally soften in sisterhood instead of compete. Imagine what will happen!

The most beneficial, soul nourishing retreats create space for…

7) Embrace Your Feminine Essence by Being Playful and fun again

  • Fun, playful interaction that awakens your inner child and the full expression of the goddess within. (The suppression of either can cause deep disconnect that keeps you in a holding pattern.)
  • Recognizing how you’re running your energy, and identifying what serves you, and what doesn’t.
  • Rocking your feminine nature, tapping into goddess energy, and deep heart connections with other women.

Felicia Grant is a Certified Medium and Holy Fire® Reiki Master in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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