What is an Evidential Medium?

The Healing Power of Mediumship

If you’ve experienced the death of a loved one, it is natural to want to know that they are ok and that you’re still connected to them.  When my daughter died unexpectedly, nothing was more important to me than maintaining a connection with her.

My personal journey led me to understanding how healing mediumship really is, and that it is something sacred rather than something to be scared of.  I offer evidential mediumship readings to help others connect with their loved ones in Spirit so they can find courage, hope, and healing in living after loss.

 There are many types of gifts. Not all gifts mean a person is a medium. Evidential mediumship is when the medium provides many details/validations, or evidence of the departed. An evidential medium does not require any tools to do a reading. In fact, many organizations that provide mediumship verification processes do not allow a medium to use any tools during a reading. Using tarot or oracle cards as an effort to gain details of the deceased does not make you an evidential medium. Using pendulums or ouija does not make you an evidential medium. If you are asking for full names, birthdates, if you are giving a reading but asking a lot of questions to gain information…this is not evidential mediumship.

Feeling nervous or wondering what to expect during a reading is common, especially with how misrepresented a mediumship reading can be in movies and television shows. I write this article from the perspective of being Certified and Tested for Ethics; as well as continuing to grow and mentor with world renowned mediums such as Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell and Andy Byng, helping you to experience the most powerful, loving, healing “ethical” reading possible. 

First, let’s clarify what an evidential medium is.

What is an “Evidential Medium”?

An evidential medium is a person who can receive evidential information from loved ones on the Other Side to share with you so you can validate the connection and relieve any doubts (for example: info about their personality, characteristics, memories you share, cause of death, career, hobbies, etc.).

An evidential medium “reading” is a session with a medium to receive evidential information and messages from a loved one on the Other Side. I recommend waiting at least three months after a loved one transitions before having a reading. This is partly due to giving you time to process grief and shock that can block a connection, and partly to give your loved one time to transition and become fully acclimated on the Other Side (each person has their own timing for transitioning and being ready to connect from the Other Side).

Not all mediums are evidential mediums. If having a sense of “proof” that it is really your loved one’s messages and connection from the Other Side is important to you like it is for me, an evidential mediumship reading is what you’re looking for.

There are many great evidential mediums, and you’ll find that you resonate with some more than others. If you resonate with a medium, they’ll most likely resonate with you too, and the connection with your loved one in Spirit will be stronger. How do you know if you resonate with a medium?…Trust what your gut (or intuition) is telling you. Your loved ones on the Other Side have ways of orchestrating a connection to a medium for you that they resonate with too!

Note: although many mediums are called “psychic” mediums, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting a psychic reading during your session. Psychic simply means that mediums utilize their intuition to establish a connection and communicate with loved ones in Spirit. Mediums receive information from a loved one in Spirit. Psychics perceive information by reading energy.  

As a medium all the tools we need reside in us and around us. The evidence we receive is gathered through our senses and experiences. Spirit rifles through our brain using our memories, our emotions, our relationships, all the knowledge we have gained through our senses to connect to the sitter and prove the connection with the deceased. If you are seeking a reading please ask questions. Ask the medium about their process. Ask the medium how they receive information. Pay attention to how the ask questions, are they eliciting? A reading should have an intention to bring you to a better place. It should not instill doom and gloom. It should not make you scared. It should lift a little heaviness of grief and bring some comfort. Connecting with a passed loved one should make you feel the warmth and love of those that have passed.

It’s important to ask the medium what their training is and continuing education is BEFORE you book a reading! If a medium says they are a born medium or inherited their mediumship I still would question if they have had any “formal” training or mentoring. This profession just like any other profession needs training, testing and mentoring!

Felicia Grant is a Certified Medium and Holy Fire® Reiki Master  in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Certified by International Psychic Medium Lisa Williams & International British Medium Tony Stockwell

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