Cathedral of Alajuela

You have heard about how exotic Costa Rica is with all its lush jungles and waterfalls right!? Hours and Hours of travel once you arrive in this vast country and those pesky howler monkeys right!?

Here is why I choose Pura Vida Retreat and Spa for the second time to host my Dragonfly Experience Women’s Retreat April 13-20, 2024.

Pura Vida Retreat & Spa at night.

Pura Vida Retreat & Spa spans more than 8 acres at 4,900 feet above sea level surrounded by coffee plantations overlooking Costa Rica’s Central Valley. This resort opened over 20 years ago by a visionary woman named Pauline Clegg.  Pauline was both humble and passionate and led an incredible life. Her vision of having a positive impact on the planet led her to cultivate a community to realize this dream. Over the years, she dedicated herself to building this community through yoga and her partnerships with Maya Tulum Retreat & Spa in Mexico and Pura Vida Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica. She created a successful yoga retreat business model that continues to touch the lives of so many. Those close to her spoke of her gentle spirit, strength, and ability to always have fun. I had the fortune of meeting Pauline while holding a retreat at her US location Dahlonega Spa Resort before she passed away in 2019. She was a fascinating woman that talked of actually living on the Pura Vida property before it became a retreat center. She had a passion and love for life and it’s imprinted on Pura Vida.

SJO – Juan Santamaría International Airport is 20-25 short minutes and your retreat begins; no 4-5 hours of travel into the jungle once you arrive in Costa Rica. It’s the perfect jumping off point for day trips to local activities such as Waterfalls, Butterfly Sanctuary & Habitat home to hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, coffee plantations, zip lining and white water rafting for those that want extra adventure.  Or, you can stay by the pool and enjoy world class spa treatments at Pura Vida,

Here is a bit of information on Alajuela, the town surrounding Pura Vida,

Costa Rica’s second largest city in terms of size, Alajuela lies 20 km northwest of the capital San Jose in the beautiful Central Valley.

This city has an important place in Costa Rica’s history, as it was an active supporter of independence from Spain. Known as Villahermosa and La Lajuela, Alajuela was even capital of Costa Rica for a brief period.

This city’s biggest claim to fame is that it is the hometown of the country’s national hero Juan Santamaria, a drummer boy, who sacrificed his life to save his country during the battle of the Hacienda Santa Rosa, in 1856, against the forces of William Walker.

A leading trade center for cattle and the sugar industries of the neighboring areas, Alajuela is also a fantastic summer getaway. This is in part due to the fabulous weather this city experiences throughout the year with its temperate climate

The impressive city of Alajuela is best known for their mango trees. Mangos have become such a distinctive characteristic of this city that it has been nicknamed “The City of Mangos,” and a special festival is held every June to celebrate the fruit of the land.


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