Elohee Retreat in the Georgia Mountains!

Creating, hosting, and leading Dragonfly Experience Retreats for women since 2010 has never been so challenging. Not only for myself but for the entire retreat industry has come crashing down since Coronavirus hit us in March of this year!  Retreats were a booming business in January of 2020 with thousands of retreats listed on popular websites such as https://bookretreats.com/s/yoga-retreats/womens-retreats; with now as few as 161 retreats listed and based on the green light for travel in and out of the United States!

I am blessed that just 12 short (or long however you look at it) months ago I hosted a Women’s retreat in Umbria Italy but now the beautiful Italian Farm House IL Tesoro is desperately hanging on for dear life to keep a float!

I recently returned from an amazing 5 days at Elohee Retreat Center in the North Georgia Mountains

The sad news is that they have not had a group there since early March! My retreat this past labor day weekend was cancelled due to several clients being exposed to Covid19 and my better business sense to post pone this gathering until safer times!

Elohee is the perfect spot on the East Coast to hold a women’s retreat. They offer private and shared cottage style rooms, farm fresh local sourced meals, fire pit for community gatherings + 213 acres of private land to reconnect with your soul in nature all with a back drop the Blue Ridge/North Georgia Mountains. As a retreat leader it is my responsibility to make sure this place does not go away forever. Just like most small businesses they are hanging on by a thread during this pandemic!

After spending 4 days hiking all the amazing trails, connecting with nature, hugging a 100 year old Hemlock Tree I was once again renewed with my purpose to share this amazing place with others! While I cannot do that right now my mission and purpose of this blog remains the same.

Women's retreats
100 Year old Hemlock

We have lost our way and our connection to self and mother earth. Covid has given me the gift of time to focus on things that are important to me such as family and close friends! I don’t need big vacations or weekends away to fill my time or act as a distraction from working on the relationship with my soul.

Now, it’s time to help others work on moving forward and getting in touch with the deeper messages of their own soul and find what brings them joy!

I was brought here to help spread joy and light to the planet. Retreats are just one way that I do this. Other ways are thru my mediumship and trance healing.

The beauty and tranquility that surrounds Elohee is so rare these days and often forgotten that the most powerful words are often found in the silence.

I look forward to the days when COVID19  is behind us and we can once again join as a group at Elohee Retreat Center sharing all the laughter, beauty and surrender.

Check out my upcoming Elohee Retreat June 24-27, 2021 and join us for this life changing weekend!